This is about Lady Sarah’s love for London living. Born and bred in the city,  let’s see how long we last before insane house prices drive us away into the sticks…

Lady Sarah doesn’t like the tube, (prefers the bus) and black cabs- of course! Vintage pearls, friendly Labradors, bossy cats and excellent manners.

Welcome to my blog! Immerse yourself in the London lifestyle, places to go and people to see.

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(This blog is best viewed on an iPad or iPhone. Still life photos and any photos of London are taken by me on location, using my iPhone or iPad. Any photos of me are usually taken by my LSH, my friend Caroline, or more occasionally, by my sister under duress… Please credit this blog if you borrow them. Thank you!)

Essential reading for London visitors:
Do not even think about visiting London, without reading the 1st class travel posts. Flying with BA? Do you have an Oyster card? Do you even know what IS an Oyster card? (you need one check here)
Do you know good places to eat? (Or any places to eat for that matter?) where to shop and how to survive… In London, to live and tell the tale.
And warn your friends who are visiting London, everyone needs to own an Oyster card, at least some fashion sense and a pair of good shoes…

London architecture georgianEntrance hall

Secrets for a stylish wardrobe: evolution, clearouts & maintenance.

imageWardrobes The only clothes kept in my wardrobe is what I will wear to the office, my yoga clothes, and a few bits of loungewear. imageWardrobe ss15Holiday wardrobe

Wardrobe maintenance: handbags
Wardrobe maintenance: cashmere

Real life fashion section, has been added by popular demand, and is inspired by the real clothes I wear to meet the demands of my London life…

We do not accept payment or gifts (thank you very kind thought!) in lieu of reviews. There are no affiliated links, and I take all the photos myself, using my iPhone. (Except the photos of myself- those I have to beg for…)

If you would like us to test something within the scope of this blog, would love to hear from you. Please use the contact form.


Some of lady Sarah’S
London: shopping, eating, drinks and afternoon tea…experiences.


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