… from Paris fashion week Lanvin show


Right now, I am still sorting my autumn winter/19 wardrobe, (here) but my dear stylish ladies: we need to plan ahead. Check out this delightful spring look from Lanvin. Ready to wear Lanvin SS20
Bella Hadid oozing glamour as she glides down the catwalk. I love the hat ( practically useful for rain or sun) the streamline silhouette and….wait for it.
The new Shape in handbags! What do you think? I will try to add a better photo but basically this is such a great look.
More will follow and expect to see this in my fashion resolutions…
Would you carry this bag?

Also happy to report that the State of California has finally passed legislation making selling crocodile, alligator (euphemistically called exotics) illegal. Many fashion houses including Burberry and Chanel are now phasing our cruel and environmentally destructive practices such as the use of fur and python skin.

Save the elephant

The fight to Save the Wild Elephant must go on, please help to spread the word or make a donation to save the elephant from extinction

Special Invite
Join us, to participate in ‘the wardrobes research’ project. Take photos of your wardrobe/closet and send them in, pronto! We can share ideas and go back to the important issue of creating the perfect wardrobe…email me for more details at ladysarahinlondon@outlook.coM


4 thoughts on “…from Paris fashion week SS20: the shape of (handbags) and things to come

  1. Victoria

    I like the pretty look of this still of bag….. but no, too irritating to actually carry…. banging against you like a small parcel with every step, too difficult to access what is within…. I can cope with pretty but impractical shoes, bizarrely, but somehow not handbags….

  2. pgshore

    I hate to be negative (usually I love the galmour of Paris Fashion Week) but that handbag looks a lot like the lunchbox I carried to school when I was six years old.


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