In a perfect world we’d all be having time for a daily afternoon tea ritual.

Meanwhile in the real world, more and more of us get frazzled by running around guzzling giant cups of coffee and simultaneously checking our iPhones- worrying about Brexit. That’s one of my resolutions actually, less worrying, less internet time, more yoga and more afternoon tea time!

Afternoon tea at yauatcha is a very special treat and one thoroughly recommended. Especially in the soho branch, which is like a retreat from the madness of Central London.

Calming decor and high quality tea selections. There is an assortment of beautiful sweets- frankly too beautiful to eat. And a dim sum menu to tempt us all.

I went there to clear my head and write us our New Years fashion resolutions. Can you guess what they are?

In China locals often greet each other with the expression “Ngoh de heui mh heui yum cha?” which translates as “Shall we go and have tea?” In China there’s a tradition called kow tow, when guests tap the table to express gratitude to the tea waiter. The custom originated in the Qing Dynasty when Emperor Qian Long travelled in disguise through the empire. One day the emperor, after pouring himself a cup of tea, also filled his servant’s cup, which was a great honour. The servant wanted to “kow tow” (kneel and express his thanks), but could not for fear of revealing the emperor’s identity. Therefore he bent his fingers and tapped them on the table, signifying a bowing servant – the middle finger represents the head, whilst the other two are the outstretched arms. Yauatcha offers over 40 different types of tea sourced from China and India from green, white and roasted blue to flower, Darjeeling and herbal, all of which pair excellently with dim sum.



7 thoughts on “Afternoon tea: keep calm & carry on

  1. Susan

    Having tea in a lovely setting with a special selection of delicacies makes for a nice retreat, momentary as it might be. Bringing calm in to our lives is very important, if, for nothing else, but sanity. During these times of great unrest and even turmoil, it becomes key to seek out calm and pleasant experiences. Thank you for this great timely post.

  2. ET

    Waiting to read about your fashion resolutions and everyone else’s. I agree it’s been a difficult year all round and we need more tea.


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