Fashion update: the (new) 7 rules of très chic.

According to a recent article in Tatler magazine, there are no more rules. Fashion etiquette is pronounced dead. I actually think that is not the case. The rules exist, they have however morphed and evolved. No one cares anymore if you wear your pearls in the morning, or a hat at a wedding. No one cares if your shoes match your socks or your bag is too big for a ‘formal’ affair. (Please!) But none the less there are new rules.

In my on going pursuit for a glam wardrobe, I wrote down ‘the NEW rules‘ to live by.

the NEW rules to live by.

#thou shall not be a walking cliché. Don’t just pile on the labels and random expensive things trending on instagram. I see that around Bond Street, and it hurts my eyes. Gucci loafers, Birkin bag, fur, stacks of jewellery… ah my eyes, my eyes.

# thou shall not buy shoes that you can not walk in… we’ve all been guilty of these at some point in our life. Thank god, comfy trainers are now de rigueur…

# thou shall buy only comfortable clothes, but not so comfortable as to look freshly rolled out of bed. Sweat pants, elasticated waist and Birkenstocks, sans pedi, are (quelle horreur) not a good look. They are an assault to the gods of fashion. The gods of fashion are a bitchy lot, they shall unleash their wrath uppon us.

# thou shall not wear fur, python skin, crocodile, aligator, or any ‘exotic’ accessories. Let them go people. That’s just as bad as using ivory, and we should not be buying items that kill our planet. If you  want to find more about that click here.

# likewise thou shall shun excess, as well as an over abundance of ‘cheap’ items. They are choking our wardrobes, our planet and the landfills are full. I find it rather shocking when I pay a compliment to someone and they respond ; ‘oooh that was soooo cheap‘ It’s one thing being a savvy buyer and another condoning exploitation.

# thou shall not keep things stashed away in the wardrobe for far too long. Any item of clothing over 7 years old needs to be reviewed. How often does it get worn? Do you still love it? If not why not? Clothes outlive their purpose, fashions change, we change…

# thou shall consider vintage and green second hand options. But remember: There is vintage and there is fancy dress. I love a bit of character and don’t mind some wear and tear in my day-to -day dressing. Occasionally as I walk around London. I see see fancy dress. And frumpiness. And We shudder at the lost opportunity …

We have very little influence about whatever crazy things go on in the world, but I am damn well going to get full control over my own wardrobe!


© Ladysarahinlondon

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Thank you to all you darling people who send in photos of your wardrobe arrangements. I know you are all waiting for the real life wardrobes post. It’s coming, it’s coming apologies it’s taking so long…

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Motto: Working together, for a better world, with better wardrobes!

9 thoughts on “Fashion update: the (new) 7 rules of très chic.

  1. Sophie K

    What is the rule about wearing pearls? Is it a lady never wears pearls in the morning, before 5.00pm or after 5.00 pm? Some said that in the evening you get the diamonds out and never wear pearls, (unless you are too poor to own diamnds or rubies.) LOL 😀of course, I know these are old fashioned ideas, but nonetheless would love to know what the rule was st the time.

  2. Susan

    There will always be people that don’t give a damn about appearances, or so they claim. For some, it is simply a statement of reverse snobbery. I have also observed, some individuals have no taste and never look well put together, they become known as such, and generally accepted. Practically speaking, we are visual beings and appearance does matter. Thinking otherwise, makes no sense. In my opinion, looking poorly generally equates to miss opportunities.

  3. adguru101

    Ah, dear Lady Sarah, so true! I also cringe at the mutton-as-lamb approach and strive to avoid it at all costs while still looking contemporary. xx

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