Updating my winter style with the pefect excuse of a cosy jumper.

Cable knit wool/cashmere blend, feels like wearing a heavenly cloud, – just begging you to go for a long walk in the woods. I’ve been on the look out for a good chunky knit poloneck, they are very hard to come by and Vilshenko is practically couture quality. (Here) I See excellent CPW (cost per wear) as well as PPW (pleasure Per wear). This sort of classic never makes it to the sale so I bought it straight away.

Throw a Burberry scarf on top and we are unstoppable. How I love cold weather! As well as the classic,  Burberry has a beautiful selection of checks in delicious colour ways, spoilt for choice we are… observe and note new ways  to wear scarves for the seasonal update.

Red tartan to cheer up our grey winters. So very Christmassy, though a little bit too pyjamas-y? What do you think? There is also a coordinated trench with wool tartan lining. A show stealer, by any standards.

Who said you cannot dress for London rain and look tres chic? The Brits can show you how, no idea what the rest of Europe will do without us…

The immortal Chanel jacket! This little tweed, was so very beautiful, I nearly cried when I found it, in my size. Attempting to ignore the hefty price tag, I tried it on. Divine as it is, the new cut is for someone taller, thinner and considerably wealthier, than me. The dropped shoulders did not suit me and the lapels were a little overwhelming, but still so beautiful.  My bank account breathed a sigh of relief. Imaginary lifestyle clothes are always the very best, but I draw the line at imaginary body type clothes.(See here my rules as well as older chanel jackets that I still wear.)

© Ladysarahinlondon

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12 thoughts on “Lady Sarah’s fashion reasons to love winter in London

  1. Susan

    Winter has arrived and the last two days have been very frosty. That Chanel jacket is to die for. I can imaging the $$$$. Love the color, cut, strong collar and neck line. Very impressive that you chose not to purchase based on fit and size criteria. I wold have done the same. BUT, if the size and fit were perfect, I would purchase. This jacket is timeless.

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Yes the Chanel jacket was a masterpiece no doubt about it. The dropped shoulders though did not look good on me, my rule is never to buy anything expensive if it doesn’t look better on me than on the idea I have in my head…😃

  2. dottoressa

    Beautiful sweater-unfortunately it goes to the category of my imaginary life style now (but I did have one once)-it would be perfect for country walks,you’ll enjoy it
    Why,oh why did I donate all my tartan clothes? A skirt in Royal Stewart,as well as another winter skirt suit in the same tartan and a two piece dress in Black Watch. Luckily,I still have three tartan scarfs-two of them huge,so I could still play (and,of course,the Burberry lining)
    Tartans are beautiful,aren’t they?
    And the Chanel jacker is gorgeous!

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Already enjoying it! Just freezing today so I think got it just on time. Tartan never really goes out of fashion but the cut is updated s don’t worry that you eliminated your old ones. They don’t last for ever, I have also let go of old tartans, they looked ‘odd’…

  3. Sue

    Lovely, lovely winter clothes. I think your jumper choice is perfect and ,if that is what you are searching for, you ought to go ahead and buy it. I saw a post on another blog the other day about some beautiful Scottish cashmere with a heart-stopping price tag, and the commenters were, rather predictably, mainly expressing outrage and indignation. But, I don’t know – I’m not sure that I agree with them. I have Eskander cashmere (£££) that I bought 15 years ago and it looks as good as the day I got it. ( I can only dream of a Chanel tweed jacket. I am so completely the wrong shape. But it is the ideal ).

        1. lady sarah in london Post author

          thank you for the link. Queen & Bell is nearly £1000 for a jumper, which is a lot! Cashmere is always expensive. (if not there is usually something wrong, inferior yarn or mixed with yak or angora.) I bought the one in the photo which is not pure cashmere, its mostly wool. The finish though is absolutely impeccable, you have to see it in real life to appreciate it. Brora is also a favourite as you know, but the cut isn’t quite as refined as VILSHENKO, which is practically couture. I view it as an “investment” piece. 🙂

  4. Leslie

    The cable jumper is perfection – and I like the tartan lined trench, not so sure about the pants paired with it though, they do look a bit like pj’s

  5. Archana

    I needed to vent to some one. So came running here. Trump just lifted Obama era’s restrictions on elephant products being imported to America.

    I really dont know what to say or do. It gets depressing everyday. I have my fellow phd students who work in biology quit because the animals they are studying have gone extinct. A few picked up another animal to study and those are disappearing too.

    I know that elephants are your cause. Thank you so much for doing this. After I saw you do this on your blog, I put in affiliate links to raise some money for causes I support.


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