As the days grew shorter and colder, I switched my tea from a fresh green blend, to this fragrant milky oolong.

The term Blue tea is generally a fancy way, to describe an oolong, i.e. tea between green (Unfermented leaves) and black (fermented). This Milky Blue is a particularly lovely tea, relatively easy to brew. Unlike Rose Sakura, my summer green tea, Milky blue, is not too demanding, if I get the timings slightly off. To brew, It needs very hot water, (though not boiling) and if one over brewed a little, it is no catastrophe. (the same cannot be said about our foreign office, Boris and Ms Priti Patel

This is an afternoon tea,  promising to delight you with a comforting fragrance of melted white chocolate!  Serve with selection of tiny, freshly prepared sandwiches, fresh cream scones, and order in, (for heavens sake do not attempt to make those!) a mouthwatering selection of sweet delights and petit fours.

Alternatively, one can just save on the calories and enjoy by itself, complemented by soothing piano music. In any case, I thoroughly recommend it for our dear PM and for anyone suffering from stress and in need of relaxation. And who isn’t?

The world will be destroyed not by those who do evil, but by everyone who sits back watching…. So have your tea and take action.

To all our tea loving readers, what are you drinking this autumn?

© Ladysarahinlondon

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10 thoughts on “Afternoon tea: milky blue

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      not sure where they sell it in the US – I had a look at their website and they only seem to have shops in Paris, London and Tokyo. but that doesn’t sound right… they must sell elsewhere.

  1. dottoressa

    I’ve never heard or tasted The Milky Blue,but it sounds delicious and I must say that I’m tempted 🙂 (not to mention scones,they have ruined my figure during the year of visiting London regularly-what to say,now in Vienna they’ll kill me with whipped cream,I adore it as well-and I’m too weak to resist :-))
    The tea-well,I’ve had a couple of very tough and really bad months,so I still drink green teas or Darjeeling tea and very often,as Hercule would say,tisane tea (camomile),sometimes but rarely Lady Grey

  2. adguru101

    I’ve not heard of Milky Blue but it does sound tempting to me as well. Sadly, I’m not very adventurous when it comes to my tea: I am loyal to that old stalwart Earl Grey, which I drink in all seasons. In fact, I am going to brew up a cup right now; it’s uncharacteristically cool and clammy today.

    xo, Alisa

  3. happyface313

    🙂 I haven’t heard of Milky Blue tea either before. But it sounds interesting.
    For the past couple of weeks I’m back to a very delicious black tea with just a hint of vanilla. It’s very tasty and I make sure I get at least 2 cups per day.
    Wouldn’t mind a scone with clotted cream and some strawberry preserves to go with them…
    A very HAPPY week to you 🙂

  4. Barbara Alley Hoyle

    Living in London, sipping fine tea with a gaggle of fashionistas…what could possibly be more divine? Here in Mexico, at Lakeside we have many fine coffee houses…occasionally they offer fine tea. I hosted a catered tea party in November for 30 ladies, all the finest tea cups, dainty spoons and a wide selection of tea was enjoyed by all. Love your blog.

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Thank you dear Barbara, very kind comment! I saw photos of your tea party on your blog, it looks wonderful! I could barely hold a party for 3-4 of my closest friends in my ‘glamorous’ (but very small) london flat…😃


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