When you look at the contents of your wardrobe do you ever think, ‘who really lives here?’ Or “where, in the name of god, is the lady going dressed in this?”

Although I don’t view myself as a champion shopper, I still like to spend a reasonable amount of money and precious time, on good clothes (details in my budget post here) and I am always searching for perfect accessories. ‘clothes maketh the man’ being my motto.

Usually very happy to repeat outfits, but I do love to be comfortable, chic and suitably dressed for the occasion. My size has been pretty consistent since I left school, but my lifestyle has evolved and is now very different.. So my wardrobe also needs to keep adapting, to serve my real needs and provide a touch of finesse for the inner diva.

lifestyle evolves – our wardrobe also needs to keep adapting, and continue to faithfully serve…

Just like Philip Hammond’s budget, my own wardrobe budget is very limited and usually stretched. When I buy something new (cost per wear), CPW is a major consideration. That doesn’t mean I will continue using an item of clothing, or an accessory , when it no longer serves me well. The principle of (Pleasure per wear), PPW should never be ignored, I bought the most ridiculously impractical satin manolos last year. I mean, you only have to breathe near them and they get dirty. Nonetheless…PPW won me over. Beauty makes us happy and an outrageous purchase now and then is good for the soul!

An outrageous purchase now and then is good for the soul! 

Fashion is constantly evolving, shapes change and although there is no need to be a slave to fashion, One has to adapt, or risk becoming irrelevant. My daily routine is different to what it was 5 years ago. My job has changed and so have I. Some of you dear readers, may now have babies or new pets, or new husbands or may have bought a different house – our world is constantly changing. How can our wardrobe stay the same?

What we wear on a daily basis, is one of the few things we can control in this uncertain world.

I stopped buying fast fashion, and never looked back. The finish, ethics and general quality is unacceptable. I do not want to settle for ugly, badly made clothes, just for the sake of novelty. That doesn’t mean that I stopped buying clothes though, I just buy less items, but look for the very best. Quality material, lovely colour and good finish. If everyone did that, general quality would improve..

Regular wardrobe housekeeping and clothes maintenance goes a long way, it can be the difference between, très chic and tres disaster. It is virtually impossible to have good clothes maintenance, if we have too many clothes, stuffed in the closet. Stuffed, airless closets, are not chic, and tend to be too time consuming. Not to mention exceedingly dull to spend all that time maintening…I do not want to be a slave to my  wardrobe, do you?

A classic wardrobe still needs to evolve, I often see women stuck in a previous fashion decade. The one they were most happy at. But times change – we do not want to become  fossilised in the past . Lifestyle and wardrobe evaluation is an ongoing process and nobody knows what the future will bring. What we wear on a daily basis, is one of the few things we can control. Even if you have to wear a uniform, there is still choice of coat, hairstyle jewellery etc. – and at the end of the day that is our style.

I often see women stuck in a previous fashion decade. Usually, that is the decade they felt their happiest.

How often do you evaluate your wardrobe? Do you wear the same style things you wore 5 years ago, or are there radical changes? would you consider a hairstyle consultation, make-up or colour?

My own wardrobe is evolving away from vintage and a little bit more towards innovation. I will share shortly…

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8 thoughts on “Style: Wardrobe Evolution

  1. Janet

    I review my look every year and clean the closet – the older get the more important it is to check in with a hairdressser, beautician etc. My style doesn’t change drastically but I like to include little updates.

  2. Antonia

    I’m constantly doing closet clear outs-I must be the biggest consignor at my local shop as I’m constantly bringing a huge bag of clothes. I noticed that I get sick of prints rather quickly so those are the things I get rid of first, and then the trendy stuff, like the cold shoulder tops. I’m over that trend-I’ve gotten rid of all but one, which is summery material, a solid color and in my favorite color-olive-so I’ll keep that one more season. I don’t like overstuffed closets….and I’ve recently bought all new wooden hangers so it leaves less space and you really have to think things through-my closet now looks like a boutique!! 🙂

  3. Pret a Porter P

    I wear the same clothes that are over 5+ years old. My style does subtly evolve over time as naturally my life subtly evolves. I do clean outs because I will always want new clothes, so I know I have to get rid of things. I dont wear much makeup, but I do have some products that I really should toss by now. As for hair, not much can be done with it and I’m not one for stylish hair cuts.

  4. dottoressa

    My style does change subtly (as I change,too-subtly or not :-)) and it is good,no?
    When I buy clothes these days-I buy things that can be dressed up and down,from the errands,meetings to the dinner,restaurants,theatre ,concerts……Some thirty years ago ,there had to be three different sets,,but the world changes,too….
    I’m lucky (or not?) to have four real seasons,so I can enjoy from coats to sarongs (during my summer hollidays,of course). But,thanks to climate changes,sometimes there are clothes I don’t wear every year ,because we skip the autumn rainy days,or knee high snow or something like that (that’s my excuse to have some spare pieces :-))

  5. Susan

    I add to my wardrobe when I please. I’m deleting all the time. My latest buy is a black waist length velvet jacket with a high collar and two pair of dress shoes. Now I’m looking for a new comfortable walking shoe. When anything looks worn or dated, it gets donated. All part of my editing process.


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