Clarke’s is now one of my favourite places for lunch

I often get quizzed for London restaurant and London hotel recommendations. Although I very rarely stay in London hotels, out of necessity, I often eat out – at least, one meal a day. This has made me very particular about food and spoilt for choice! I will post a few of my favourite London places for you to try. Lunch, breakfast, dinner, cocktails or afternoon tea…

Pleasant conservatory style, dining room and exceptional food. The menu is based on seasonal ingredients and changes daily. I love this place for the pear Bellini, the warm welcome and unpretentious staff. A wonderful little place in central London, where food is a passion, they bake their own bread and there is even a little shop across the road to buy a few supplies. The LSH (long suffering husband) ‘forgot’ about his ‘preference’ for gluten free and kept asking for more of their delicious blue cheese bread.

The LSH (long suffering husband) ate Bambi, with blackberries, pear, beetroot and kale…

In my usual chaotic style, I stumbled in without a reservation, although the staff was very accommodating, there is no quarantee one will get a table. Best to Book in advance, rather than risk tears on your Pret baguette…

124 Kensington Church Street London W8 4BH

Parking: Residential and pay & display
Tube: Notting Hill Gate or High Street Kensington
Bus: 27, 28, 328, 452, 52 and 70


020 7221 9225, or send an email to

© Ladysarahinlondon

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5 thoughts on “London: places to eat, lunch at Clarke’s

  1. Donna C

    I enjoyed dinner at Clarke’s when I visited London two years ago. As I recall I had an unbelievable gnocchi that was like eating little clouds of pasta!

  2. dottoressa

    Lovely restaurant,dear lady Sarah!
    I love series about restaurants a lot-it goes to the list,who knows,it could be useful someday 🙂
    Nice dessert list
    Love the chairs!
    I’ve tried a couple of your recommendations during my stays and was never disappointed


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