You either love the kelly bag or you don’t.

I am a self confessed Kelly bag addict. In fact there should be a ‘club kelly bags anonymous’ where we can all gather round  to seek professional help. How many kelly bags does a girl need?

Reading silk path’ diary here, quite a few actually.There seems to be a rainbow of Kellys for us to enjoy. One for every day of the week and a couple to spare… different size and different colours. Retourner or sellier? Here These are so difficult to track down there is a template to make your own…has anyone tried that?

In real life I don’t use the kelly as much as I’d like. Love the idea, but I find the plume. (see previous post here) much easier and low key. Hermes bags are a special treat for me and I do appreciate the handmade quality and the beauty of any bijouterie.

I use the larger kelly (32) casually with jeans, I’ve even attempted to travel with it, though not happy with the results. It was a little awkward – ard and security checks a constant worry.

If like me you  prefer the hand held look so it doesn’t mar the line of beautifully tailored jackets, the look is very neat, verging on soigné. The smaller size can be casual with a strap over my favourite military style parka, but still love the hand held look. There is also a pochete style  (posted about it extensively here) my top choice for nights out, weddings and the like. I currently have my eye on a 25 ,.. wish me luck everyone.

© Ladysarahinlondon

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10 thoughts on “Real life fashion: shopping day with Kelly (how many kelly bags does a girl need ?)#2

  1. dottoressa

    I keep my fingers crossed and wish you luck,dear LS! Can’t wait to hear
    Love your parka-mine is without warm lining- I consider to let my seamstress line it-faux fur maybe. It has a hood-I don’t like hoods,but when it rains(like today) or snows-there is nothing better (perhaps staying home;-))

  2. SA.

    I am not a fan of the Birkin. I find it bulky, flashy and dare I say, slightly ugly in some colors.. gasp!! A Kelly Sellier will always be my dream bag. The question is will I use it in my real life at all. On a daily basis, working in the Tech industry requires me to carry a laptop. Here’s to hoping I change professions so that I can use a Kelly every day! LOL!

      1. SA.

        so true! Right now I use a 10 inch light weight laptop. But, do u think it is ok to carry a laptop in Hermes bag? Or would the ‘Bag Gods’ punish me for such a sin! 🙈

  3. silkpathdiary

    Thank you so very much for the link dear Lady Sarah! I love the way you carry yours mostly in hand – this is the original way the K was meant to be held in any case. All the very best wishes for a K25 – wow these are just so perfectly formed 🙂 I am still kicking myself for missing the opportunities to snap up the tiny Ks several years ago when no one seem to want them on the resale market. I personally do not travel with the K32s but my K28s are perfect practical even on long haul (I just make sure to bring along the Envirosax to put them in through security and busy check ins).
    I am in fact more of a neutrals person BUT Hermes’s colours are so very beautiful that I dared to venture into a few that function as my ‘neutrals’.
    Can’t wait for your K25 updates!! x

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Your collection is the envy of the civilised is hard to downsize because those bags are almost one of a kind. The way I did it was try to decide what I actually needed to use rather than just love. (though of course you need to love too…) what do you think its missing in terms of practicality?


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