The end of an exhausting week, schlepping around London.

Do you enjoy long languid bathing rituals or are you more into invigorating power showers? Unapologetically British, I always opt for a bath. Bathing is not a green option it uses more water than showering, but. But we to Try to recycle the water and use for the roses.

Showering is a little too American for me, though I am told by my European friends that they also prefer showering. “I have never taken a bath in my life” my friend Maria anounced proudly. ” frankly all that sitting around in tepid water, is a complete waste of time Sarah.” My friend Maria  is European and comes from Southern Europe, a hot place where showers are de riguer. When I stayed in her lovely house abroad, I could not help but notice, that they had a family bathroom as well as an ensuite. “Why do you have bathtubs if you don’t use them?. I asked. “I don’t know” she shrugged her shoulders. “It’s what everyone does”. I guess it’s what everyone with the luxury of surplus space does.

When we remodelled our, admittedly, very small London flat, I made sure we included a bath tub as well as a comfy bathroom chair. It’s important to me to take time and relax- every single day. I favour an old fashioned bath with all the accoutrements. Candles, a cup of tea (or a glass of something sparkly). Vivaldi and aromatherapy oils…


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9 thoughts on “Bathing vs Showering (in small London Flats)

  1. Susan

    After a demanding day, I like my soaking tub with jets. I start with the jets to massage the muscles and then I like a long soak with something that bubbles. For a time crunch day, I prefer the steam shower with a nice aromatic shower gel. I love my spa bathroom, heated towels and all.

  2. SA.

    I love a steamy shower to wake me up in the mornings. I reserve baths for the weekends. Btw, that mirror to the side of the bath tub is such a nice idea.

  3. dottoressa

    First half of my life I’ve prefered a bath (with oils,salts or Lush bath balls,relaxing music…..) !
    Agree about Vivaldi,I like Mozart,too- for a relaxing evening with a glass of wine or something sparkly ( on my terrace now,not in a bath tube anymore)
    My choice for the second half is a shower
    A beautiful bathroom is very important for me – I have a built-in shower and have left a bath tube after renovation (from time to time…..)
    Something I prefer are single lever faucets 🙂

  4. lucy

    no bathtub in our bijou London flat 😦 just showers while in London and I have to wait to go my parents house to take a bath.

  5. silkpathdiary

    I agree it is essential to make the time to relax in a nice bath with as many treats as one likes. At the same time, I am of the mindset similar to how the Japanese bathe traditionally and that is to thoroughly wash oneself in a shower first before having a bath! Admittedly this is more practical and hygienic when sharing a hot tub but I have always felt it rather counter productive to sit in the same water and would always rinse off with clean water using a shower attachment in the bath in any case.


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