One never gets used to the madness of London fashion week.

I don’t exactly look forward to it, but can’t really ignore it. After all, we can only pretend to be above fashion for so long.

As a born and bred Londoner, I take fashion with a pinch of salt. Not too seriously, but seriously enough. Fashion is a reflection of what else goes on in the world as a whole and on our own little world, highlighted by personal wardrobe choices. What do we buy? Too many accessories? Do we keep clothes from old collections that no longer serve and don’t fit? Too many clothes for the ‘imaginary lifestyle’? Show me your wardrobes and I will tell you who you are. Yes – especially if you are not interested in fashion week.

Sooner or later, whatever insane trend makes an appearance on the catwalk, it will find its way (perhaps somewhat diluted and heavily’interpreted’ into our wardrobe.
My dear friends, resistance is futile: even the most indifferent of wardrobes, is very much influenced by what goes on behind the scenes, in London Fashion Week.

Of course, those of us who are not a true size 8 Or six feet tall, Amazonian goddess, with unlimited funds, need to remember:

fashion week is a general guide for inspiration rather than something to copy.

Me? I thought I drew the line at hanging a fried egg charm from my bucket bag! Now, not too sure…would you hang a fried egg charm on your handbag?

The point of fashion

© Ladysarahinlondon

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15 thoughts on “London fashion week 2017: what is the point?

  1. SA.

    Lol! About those stickers and charms – I think there has been over exposure of charms made in fur, leather and some of them truly make even the eccentric Americans go ‘what-the-heck’! These days, I just zone out during fashion week. Half the runway looks will never make it to stores and I am actually glad for that 🙂

  2. Bagwhispers

    Oh no I think you have created a new game for me…spot the fried egg charm on the bag. I think I’m going to be a bit more distracted than usual on my travels around London this week;-)

  3. Timothy Ward

    Refreshing perspective. Obviously there are many different roles within the industry so many people will get something different from it according to their reason for being there. Most people I know are very passionate about fashion, from designing, photographing, styling, modelling to organisers putting on a show for people to enjoy. It’s a celebration of creativity in some ways, that showcases the best of what London has to offer in terms of style. Many graduates are able to begin the exciting journey of fulfilling their ambitions during LFW and the shows give them a platform on which to do so.


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