Minimalist packing

One of the great things about holidays is that we can leave our cares back home.

As well as most of my cares I left back home, my ‘normal’ wardrobe items, the bulk of my cosmetics and, wait for it – the straightening irons, so my poor hair could get a holiday too.

I took virtually next to nothing on this trip (to the island of santorini, if anyone is interested) the place is hilly and we all have to lift our own luggage. The destination though, is worth it. This island is the closest one can get to paradise.

Nonetheless, I still managed to bring with me several of my wardrobe psychosis, together with the following ‘essentials’.

1: the perfect basket bag.
I don’t care what anyone says, a girl gotta to have the perfect bag for the occasion.

2. Perfect flip flops
These are Chanel, and though I see no reason why anyone should have to spend so much on flip flops, they (and a pedicure!)are an underrated part of the holiday look. Such a wasted opportunity don’t you think?
(To clarify, I never wear my flip flops on the plane. On the pane I tend to go for a pair of sturdy walking shoes, (which I can also use for any excursions or Long treks) Shoes are bulky and carrying extra pairs in my luggage is not part of the minimalist plan, wear the heaviest and carry the flip flops.)

3. Sarong/shawl
Mine is a light weight cashmere/silk mix, which I use as a blanket too if need be. I also have with me, a cotton, washable one, which is in fact much more useful. I bought this a few years ago on a trip to India and is hand loomed. I can use it as a skirt, a beach wrap or a light cover up.

4. Perfect swimsuit
Need I say more? Spend time, money & effort here. Never, ever buy on line. And never buy when rushed into a purchase, we gotta try them on. For an island holiday, I need at least three. Including one bikini, or two…

5. An intensive hair masque
The Sun could either fry hair, or it can the best friend. I slather on the Philip Kingsley elasticer, every morning. Tie my hair in a bun and the gods do the rest.

6. Socks
These may seem like an odd choice, but I have never been comfortable on any flight, in a sock-less state. Back in the days, when my company used to pay for business flights, there were complimentary in flight ‘comfort packs’ with little luxuries like clean socks. These days I fly easy jet, so I bring my own. The more luxurious socks can elevate the budget flight into afirst class experience!

7. Sunglasses

Where is the sun screen you may wonder. Well, I only travel with a tiny bottle (one or two days supply) and buy the rest on my destination. That’s true for most items, so anything we forget, we can either do without, or buy locally. Chill out as they say!

© Ladysarahinlondon

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4 thoughts on “Minimalist holiday packing (for the island)

  1. Antonia

    I love your bag!! Who makes it? Hope you’re having a blast in Greece! My mother is visiting relatives in Crete this whole month.

  2. silkpathdiary

    Lucky, lucky you! One day I too will experience a bit of paradise that is Santorini!
    It’s surprising how little one can manage with on such a holiday. I am certain you look divine! Enjoy!

  3. dottoressa

    I admire your light packing and can’t wait to hear your Santorini vacation story
    Sarongs are really a great option for the beach-I prefer cotton ones
    With an Adriatic sea apartment (with the washing machine etc),I am pretty spoiled and have to learn again how to pack light
    The trick with the hair mask is an exceĺlent one , I use it too(John Frieda),my other alternative is Phytoplage UV protection hair spray
    Fashionable or not,bikinis are my beach choice
    I’m sure that you look amazing,as always


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