Summer rain is just an excuse to showcase the perfect trench.

Life is our catwalk
Life is our catwalk, people- and don’t you ever forget that. There is no need to spend life wearing ill fitting fleece hoodies, instead- why not master the art of wearing your trench?

If you live in London, or even just visiting, there is an excellent opportunity to hunt down the perfect trench. You need one and there will be many occasions to wear it, make no mistake.

Mastering the Art of Wearing a trench

# Start by making sure you wear the trench rather than let it wear you. One of the most common  fashion errors, is to wear ones trench too big. There is oversize and there is too big. Smaller ladies, can look comical, drowning with ill fitting trenches and excessive detail. Watch out for those epaulets and make sure they look in proportion to your frame. Insist on perfect fit and try a few different lengths before you decide.

# Likewise your trench should not feel tight or so small where the shoulders are, that it restricts movement. A lady should be able to engage in a fist-y cuff without taking her trench off, should the need arise. (the gentleman too, though please do not take that literally)

# Generally avoid buttoning it up fully and doing the belt up. Unless you are about to go to a military inspection for the queen. The London trench is a ‘grab-‘n’-go’ type of garment that looks great anyway you throw it on.

# Try rolling the sleeves, tie the belt at he back, (or at the front dressing gown style) There should be movement and flow when you move. Or remove the belt altogether, and wear a silk scarf.

# paler colours need to be kept immaculately clean, best to pick a machine washable type as london buses can be challenging places. Pay particular attention to cuffs, and sleeves. These can be sponged cleaned after every few wears.

# I am a sucker for contrasting lining, which is a sign of quality. Burberry is famous of course, but there are others with lovely patterns and silk lining. It adds a certain ‘joie de vivre’ to an otherwise plain coloured outfit- what’s not to like?

# My short trench is best showcased with above the knee dresses, nude legs (with hint of colour and some oil) and well polished military boots. Longer trenches are great with slim trousers, jeans and pristine trainers.

Rolled up sleeves showing off a bit of contrasting lining.

Patterned silk lining – that’s the sort of to die for detail I am looking for.


Update on the classic trench, short and lightweight. Fresh and appealing: Perfect for summer rain.

A high fashion cut in sky blue silk. Lovely flow in real life, needs to be seen n to be appreciated…


Don’t miss Forthcoming post: Burberry vs Aquascutum (shopping for the perfect trench) this has been researched thoroughly by myself and my team of dedicated fashionistas. On the look out for cost, style, superior finish and minute detail. We are determined to elevate trench wearing into an art form! It will be a “protected” post so please don’t forget to email me the receipt for your Save the Elephant donation. Enjoy!

No No No! That’s so wrong, the shoes are ridiculous, the jeans are trying too hard and over the shoulder is just so over… especially when crossing a busy street.

Yes yes yes! One must be able to move freely in ones trench… love this, fresh happy look

© Ladysarahinlondon

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8 thoughts on “Fashion update: How to wear your trench – London style & cool

  1. Antonia

    I have one Burberry trench but it doesn’t have a hood. I’m on the lookout for a water repellent trench with a hood that looks stylish. I love your pics above-is that a Gucci one with the pretty print inside?

  2. dottoressa

    Love this post,too
    I checked Aquascutum site (like it very much- )and am very curious about results….maybe next time I could change the team 🙂
    “Grab-n’-go” approach is my favourite one. I love that we have four real seasons (usually :-)and wearing trench or leather jackets is a real delight
    Last couple of years I’m looking for the perfect,fluid,light summer trench-although after two months of temperatures over 30°C,I don’t know why 🙂
    (but,than,it could be a year or two with rain,so,I should be prepared)


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