London weather has been a scorcher the past few days, and dressing for work can be more of a challenge than ever.

Office wear for hot weather
My own answer to this particular wardrobe issue, is pure silk shirts. I have a small (but beautiful, if I may say so, collection of satin (pure) silk tops). One for every day of the week, I’ve labelled them even, in French, because it sounds better. Lundy, mardi, mercredi.. etc The Friday one is in rose silk and a little bit risqué, even by the standards of my libertine office environment. To overcome the problem of looking inappropriate, (and avoid distracting the weak, male mind) during the day I wear it, with a featherlight cashmere shrug – ballet wrap style, from my beloved BRORA.

Cool satin silk
My silk shirts are mostly high street buys, top shop boutique being a favourite. I generally don’t like to have to spend too much, because they only have limited lifespan. CHANEL, DIOR and Givenchy have superior quality satin silk shirts, for those of you with bottomless pockets, but I’ve never felt the need to remortgage to buy one.

The secret to wearing cream, satin silk, shirts
First of all, let us be clear that life is unkind to cream silk. Sacrifices will have to be made. I never wear them for messy dinners, and do NOT ever attempt to take a swig of red watermelon juice out of a bottle, while wearing your cream silk shirt. I learned that the hard way… That’s just asking for trouble!
Spaghetti puttanesca, lobsters, juicy cheeseburgers or chocolate cream donughts are also out of bounds.
Changing the photocopier toner is a job best left to someone else and so is carrying my dirty bike up the stairs…

When I go out, I opt to drink vodka rather than red wine and only pick single bite canapés. Other than that I behave as normal.
I wear them with loose “denim look”, linen mix trousers. Pure linen is best but linen blends are better for keeping themselves un-crumbled for a little longer.

Stay cool everyone!

Next post: wardrobe maintenance: how to wash & keep your silk shirts pristine


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6 thoughts on “What I wear to work when London gets hot & steamy…

  1. happyface313

    🙂 Hello Lady Sarah,
    I think these silk tops are beautiful, but best worn by ladies with your lean Body (if I may say so).
    Have a very HAPPY afternoon 🙂

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      You are too kind! Anyone can wear silk shirts no matter what size or shape though. For those ladies who have slim wrists but prefer not to show upper arms, bracelet length sleeves look exquisite. A bit of a tummy? A loose tunic is cool and chic! ❤️

  2. dottoressa

    You must look great in denim-look,linen mix, trusers and silk shirts,such a lovely combination! And your satin silk shirts look impeccable
    Nothing more beautiful than cream silk and navy (or black,denim or tan,but navy rocks for me)
    If I can ask- for your next post-do you have to iron these pleats above-and how?
    I wear only cream silk shirts (and a couple of multi-coloured tunics with white trousers during summer)
    I didn’t like satin silk,but two years ago (yes,they do have a short life span. I’ve had a gap of couple of years in wearing silk shirts-even forgot the reason why!-and some of old silk materials simply looked old after that, by just hanging in the closet. Silks were much better before because, my grandma’s silk looks better after eighty years than these),I’ve bought a silk satin cream shirt by Louisa Spagnoli and I’m a convert now 🙂
    I agree with Happyface 313,it helps when you have beautiful figure and posture!
    I adore linen and don’t mind the wrinkles :-),but this year I wear two very loose cut silk dresses on repeat and they are perfect,cover all figure sins and look great even on 35°C

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Thank you dear Dottoressa! The little pleats you see are heat treated and stitched in place so they keep their shape-for now. I just iron them with a damp cloth and hot iron setting very quickly. They will eventually loose their crispness and when that happens I will just allow them to soften and become ruffles.😄 I avoid fussy designs, but this season it was impossible to find anything ruffle free!
      By the way tell me more about your silk dresses. I’ve been looking for a plain silk shift for a while now, without much success…

  3. dottoressa

    Thank you
    Two of them are last year Max Mara- one is blue-white check silk,long shirt dress,with mandarin collar (I get it cut to be just below the knee),the other one is also silk MM, floral,poppies (very similar to mm Palizzo dress in pink,but shorter and more wide at the bottom),flare at the bottom,so I add cyclamen silk-one of the colours on the dress-to lenghten it (and around neck and wrists,too) to get better silhouette-so,I actually designed the brand new dress :-). Both have long sleeves,are great to wear,even now,when it is really,really hot
    The third one is this year Weekend Max Mara,silk and linen in emerald green(I didn’t change anything so far)-there were also violet blue and yellow dresses-I think you could find this one on the net


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