That‘ the LSH (long suffering husband) said, ‘smells like a tarts handbag!’

Personally, I thought he was being a little harsh, the scent is lovely. Green loose leaf tea with whole cherry blossoms. Sounds delightful doesn’t it?
It was after a particularly gruelling day, the distinctive packaging caught my eye and thought it was worth a try. The taste is fresh and subtle, so ideal to drink on its own and save on calories. No biscuits, no sugar, no milk… Simply savour the clean taste. To enjoy the experience at its best, this tea should be made using mineral, (or at least pure, freshly filtered,) water.

Sakura tea is not a fuss free, quick cuppa. It’s more like a demanding yoga class or a meditation session, involving, a tea timer, a silver tea spoon, and a small strainer. Just what I needed after a gruelling week. I made several cups, in an effort to distract myself from various unpleasant decisions that had to be made. Anti stress balm…

Hope you are well and catch up soon.

© Ladysarahinlondon

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10 thoughts on “Afternoon tea: Rose Sakura green tea review

  1. dottoressa

    It seems so lovely-pure pleasure!
    I’ve finished all my Lady Grey tea supplies and am on Earl Grey,too (or simple green tea)
    Do you like mayor Pettigrew?
    I loved it,as well as The Summer Before the War
    And,more recently,an old hidden gem,from Persephone books: Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day by Winifred Watson (recomm. by Sue Burpee),oldfashioned but a very nice read
    Have a nice weekend

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Oh yes! I enjoyed ‘major pettigrews last stance’. Thank you so much for the recommendation! I haven’t read the ‘summer before the war‘. What’s that like?
      I ve read ‘miss pettigrew lives for a day‘, and that is practically a classic! Any other persephone gems?

  2. dottoressa

    Summer…is situated in little coastal town in Sussex,…a little bit romance,freethinking new Latin teacher Beatrice,the “battle”between the old ways and progress,a little bit war and consenquences… I liked it
    Sue,who has great taste in books,has recommended also two books by Dorothy Whipple (Persephone books,too):Someone at the Diatance and The Priory. I haven’t red them yet.
    I started reading (this wouldn’t be interesting foe you,I’m afraid,because you could watch Shetland aeries,and we can’t) Ann Cleeves misteries White Nights (the second one,I’ve finished Raven Black first)

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      It is very refreshed no. Perfect for hot weather. Added bonus is that no biscuits needed.. best enjoyed Anne. I am says’ this as someone who has overdone the doughnut thing recently.😃

  3. happyface313

    🙂 Oh, I’d fall for the pink tea container! Even better that you enjoy the flavor and that it helps you destress, dear Lady Sarah!
    Have a very HAPPY Sunday 🙂


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