A beautiful flower arrangement can upgrade the most drab of interiors and hide a multitude of sins.

As a student, I lived in the most horrid little bedsit imaginable. That was before the days of landlord certificates and safety checks. To give you an idea of the state of the place, we had rather large mice (affectionately named Mickey and Ian, in honour of our dodgy managing agents) and the window fell off in my hands at one point… when my poor mother visited, she almost fainted on the spot and we practically had to resuscitate her. Anyway, even then, I used to buy a weekly fresh flower bouquet from a nearby stall to cheer the place up.

These days, my ultimate dream is to have my own cutting garden to create little bouquets to decorate our home. A tall arrangement on the mantelpiece, or perhaps a couple mini posies by the bedside tables…Meanwhile I have to settle with store bought items and use them creatively.

Pink peonies are a true miracle of nature, the season is short so we appreciate them while we can.

Potted plants are a more long lasting option and can be successfully disposed of in the compost heap

Would love to hear from you dear blog readers. Do you buy flowers for your home on a regular basis? Do you wait for special occasions or perhaps “guests” to justify the cost. Or are you comfortable to enjoy them by yourself.


8 thoughts on “Interiors: summer flowers at home

  1. Marie

    Beautiful pictures! I prefer to have plants in the house rather than cut flowers as it makes me sad when they die and I have to throw them out.

  2. Sue

    I love flowers in the house. A totally justifiable expense! Either from the market or M&S – which usually has a surprisingly good quality and selection for a supermarket. Agree about peonies in Summer. And, bronze mop head chrysanthemums in Autumn. I have bunches of Sweet Williams at the moment.

  3. dottoressa

    Oh dear! It was quite an experience indeed! You were very brave
    I love cut flowers,especially a single flower in a beautiful vase: yellow rose,peony,lily without fragrance, amaryllis in winter…or dozen of yellow tulips (or more).
    I buy it alone,regularly-it lifts my spirits
    We used to have roses,still have hydrangeas,daffodils,tulips….but in our orchard-my little garden around the house has now only grass and trees ( cedar,cypresses,magnolia,photinia…)
    I don’t have a green thumb at all- arranging flowers is something I can manage
    Have a nice weekend!

  4. Ann

    We are just back from our allotment, bearing courgettes, sorrel, salad leaves and radish. And the first dahlias, wonderful to have your own grown flowers to decorate the house. Hope you get that cutting garden one day, Ann

  5. Susan

    Flowers add so much to a room or outdoor garden. My flowers are in my garden during the growing season. tulips, daffodils, Iris, peony, dogwood, magnolia, day lilies, and the daisy, During the winter, I buy flowers for the house. I particularly like orchids because they bloom for months. If you have several orchid plants, usually one or two have flowers. They are considered a bit exotic. The average cut flower bouquet lasts 10 days. Another reason I like orchids.

  6. silkpathdiary

    I could not live without flowers and used to buy them on a regular basis for the house. Since last year I have invested in orchids for blooms and these are wonderful. This year I started my garden project working more on maintaining, shaping my garden and planting more – only those that flower and/or have a scent. If you follow my instagram you can see some of the blooms already but it will take a while to everything to be established. My dream is to have my own cut flower garden including ‘wild’ and exotic flowers.


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