Following the June election results, we woke up living in a Socialist Utopia.

Actually I shall not be sharing my political views, on this post sticking to my area of expertise which is mostly handbag chat. (However should the PM offer me a position in the foreign office, I will accept)

Avoiding expensive handbag mistakes
1. Everyone needs at least one clutch. If only just to learn the art of minimalism, self reliance and poise. This should be big enough to fit keys, two, crisp, ten pound notes, a phone and a credit card. Lipstick is optional. In the UK we don’t carry guns in our purse – hell even our police does not carry guns, did our US readers know that?

2. Once you’ve mastered the art of clutch carrying – slow down and buy no more. The number of micro handbags, minaudières and evening clutches, we own, should more or less, correspond to the real life opportunities we have to use them.

3. A lovely Colour is tempting as well as uplifting, but a basic neutral will outlive fickle fashion. (Never mind the present government) For expensive handbags, especially Hermes I stick to black, navy or brown. Colours can date an item making it obsolete.

4. Looking at my wardrobe, most of my clothes work with black accessories in the winter, and brown in the summer. I have in the past bought pink and pastels for a summery look, but hardly ever used them.

5. A straw bag always looks non chalant in the summer. And who doesn’t want that? Shop around and choose with care, no one looks non chalant without hard work…

6. A minimalist but well rounded handbag collection needs about four items. (Check this list, not much has changed)

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20 thoughts on “Real life fashion: Chanel (-eque) white tweeds & handbag anthologies

  1. dottoressa

    You look amazing-the jacket is divine indeed
    I’ve lost the art of wearing clutch or very small bags ( except in my dalmatian little place,magic works there )
    You are at your best-including fashion and politics
    Dottoressa (chuckling :-))

  2. happyface313

    🙂 Dear Lady Sarah,
    once again a very classic look on you. Lovely!
    And I still have to find my perfect (Hermès) cluth.
    Unfortunately the Dorotheum Vintage auction that I’ve just written about doesn’t offer one of these rare models.
    Have a very HAPPY Sunday 🙂

  3. Pret a Porter P

    First off the jacket! the bracelet! the clutch! Divine!

    I remember reading something maybe it was by Charlotte Rampling or maybe I’m making that up, that a lady should always carry her keys and some money because she should be able to get home. But now we have Uber so a phone is a must.

    All very sensible tips for handbags. I’ve noticed for myself that printed or glossy color bags I’ve gotten tired of. Not as a sole factor for parting ways with the bag. I don’t fall into the sensible category for handbag shopper. I can’t say I agree with nonchalance of straw bag outside of a beachy culture–but maybe it’s part of the whole young Jane Birkin thing that makes it work in UK/Paris.

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      You are absolutely right, my iPhone comes everywhere with me, but it is an unhealthy co dependence relationship! 😄I must let go. Straw bags are very popular in London/Paris, especially in the summer. That may be because we can only dream of a beach culture!

  4. Virginia

    Ah, lovely white Chanel jacket and Kelly pochette, tres chic. Very classic, a perfect look for you 😄

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Thank you Virginia, the jacket is not actually Chanel, it’s just Chanel look. Very nice quality though and I had the lining replaced so it’s really nice and a fraction of the cost. 😊

  5. SA.

    That jacket, bracelet and clutch – Gorgeous, Simple and Sophisticated!!. I have been toying with the idea of my first luxury handbag. Thank you for linking that handbag post.

      1. SA.

        I am consider the Hermes Drag 32 for work. They are so hard to find! I think that is the only bag which will fit everything I want and still look beautiful 🙂 Then each time I see the Chanel Classic in lambskin, my heart skips a beat. I know I’ll never get much wear out of it. But, the heart won’t listen.. 😊

  6. Susan

    Lovely classic look. Your white jacket is fabulous. Versatile and will work with many outfit pieces: Dress slacks, pencil skirt, jeans and even with the right dress. Great looking and excellent investment piece purchase.

  7. adguru101

    Lovely post and outfit! But I have to say, in my book red is a neutral. Especially the muted Hermès rouge H — works with both warm and cool colours.

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      I agree with you. I don’t own anything in rouge h but it can most definitely be used as a neutral. I have verte fonce and it can also be used as a neutral. Do you have anything in rouge h? What year do you know?

      1. adguru101

        I have a Bolide 31 in rouge H, vache liegee. If I remember correctly it’s 2005. LOVE vert fonce too, esp with gold hardware though I generally wear more white gold/silver these days. I strive for your edited handbag approach but over the years accumulated way too many bags I’m not ready to part with so I sell them off bit by bit, weeping over the fact that I mostly don’t get back what I paid. Still trying to decide if a Kelly is “me”; I’m resisting, though loving the pochette idea.

        xx, Alisa

  8. silkpathdiary

    Gorgeous! I have exactly 3 clutches, I do not get to use them much at all and being me, I am always afraid of leaving it somewhere …. And the straw thing to me also says Summer but this is such a small part of my life that for once I didn’t subscribe to it other than with a lovely little straw coloured ribbon clutch and handbag both vintage finds from decades ago. However, I do feel the need for some fun and texture and it is a look I’ve always loved so have dipped my toe into the ‘straw basket’ look hopefully in a way that still suits my style and life.

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Ooh keep us posted on the straw basket bag front😊. I am sure it will work for you really well. If worse comes to worse you cannot possibly go wrong using it for as a summer holiday bag.


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