The French First Lady of fashion.

Scanning  the papers with my coffee this morning and what do I see? “French President Macron said to have chosen a suit costing a mere £380, in an attempt to disassociate himself of the excesss of bling bling poilitics.” Good start, huh.

His charming wife, is 25 year his senior. (see Donald & Melania Trump are not the only presidential couple with significant age gaps.)

“First Lady of France, Brigitte Trogneux looked ravishingly understated in a ‘borrowed’ Louis Vuitton suit. Pale blue suit, pale pink bag and nude shoes.” I love the significance of “borrowed”, that means no cost to the tax payer, no wardrobe storage space taken, win -win, situation…

Teaching us all the need for economy and restraint.

Hope the photo is clear enough to enable you to read the article.

Comparison shot anyone?


9 thoughts on “Politics: the French wardrobe

  1. Virginia

    Wow, 25 years his Senior! Incroyable! And they are cost-conscience – just the opposite of the horrid Trumps. I must agree with adguru101, Vive la France.

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Yes it’s a very interesting story, I shall try to find a good news link. We shall see what they do… it’s too early to judge, but they sure look promising. Unlike our very own Theresa.

  2. silkpathdiary

    I really hope he lives up to what is expected of him and delivers. Sometimes inexperience and idealism can work positively! I think Mme Macron (btw why do the papers always refer to her former title/name – Miss Trogneux – really, a little disrespectful, no?) has great personal style. I suppose I might be the only one to feel weird about their age gap (the same as with the Trumps).

  3. Ciara

    Some one has to state the obvious…. what fabulous legs! Hers not his. Hope he is a successful president.

  4. Susan

    Welcome to France, the age gap means nothing, so I am told. She looks great Should we all look as that age. Look at Prince Charles and Camilla too. What’s the age gap there?.


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