Is there such a thing as an ‘investment’ straw bag?

The search for the perfect basket bag was an on going quest for me. It needs to be the perfect shape, colour, comfortable handles, the right size, sturdy weave, rustic but not too much so if you get my drift.
Back in January this was in my New Years resolution on how to be devastatingly stylish. Post here ( will be reviewing my resolutions shortly – stay tuned. how are you getting on with yours?)

Being devastatingly stylish takes a lot of god damn work, though it needs to look easy and effortless. Just like this perfect basket. Simple, no obvious branding, yet meticulously designed. It comes with an origami style inner pouch to keep our belongings safe, as well as a long shoulder strap, in case we need to go hands free! Genius I tell you. The LSH (long suffering husband) rolled his eyes.

In its virgin trip for food supplies…

Finally the perfect straw bag! I have waited patiently for its launch. From Muuñ, who combine Ghanaian craft with Parisian design and Japanese influences. Local artisans in Ghana weave the handbags in the small village of Nyariga, subsequently send to the labels Paris atelier for the Parisian finishing touches. Sounds like my sort of thing…

What do you think, is this the ONE perfect straw bag?
I very rarely post shopping links, but I had to share this with you.

The fight against evil
The fight against evil must go on, please help to spread the word or make a donation to Save the Elephant from extinction. Whatever you can give makes a difference.

© Ladysarahinlondon

My basket bag in situ at my mothers house, she would like one too.

10 thoughts on “The ‘investment’ basket bag is here.

  1. Leslie

    Very nice bag, and interestingly I got an email this morning from the Mai Tai Collection and she is selling these bags too in just 3 sizes, but does not mention the makers name.

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      The straw bags are even more beautiful in person! I view a good basket bag as one of the four handbag essentials. 😃The link posted goes directly to buy from the designers, The blog doesnt make any profit out of it, its sharing design secrets….

  2. SA.

    I went on to the website and checked the models. That is beautiful basket bag! It allows for tying those ends together!! Perfect to carry for a picnic 🙂

  3. Dn in NYC

    The fact that you already putting it to good use would suggest that it is an excellent investment! I worry about an open bag as they can be targets for pickpockets, but you mention that it has a pouch, is it a zippered pouch? Also, I’ve noticed that some straw bags can have a rough texture, which I would worry would snag on delicate clothes, is that something you’ve noticed? Thank you! DN

  4. Sue

    A quick thank you for the recommendation (and the link). I bought a small basket, which has now arrived and is perfect. Hopeful that the rain will stop now and I can use it. Xsue


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