Saturday night people and all I can do, is settle on the sofa and put my feet up with the delightful lady Beatrice. 

What do you think is the fashion cost per wear for these ‘must have’ pair of fluffy slippers?

My week after Easter
After an emotionally draining, full-on battle with the borgias, two cancelled flights and a stolen bicycle, settling down for a quiet night in.

Beauty notes
On the plus side. I had an excellent feet related experience at fenwicks, Bond Street, getting a gel pedicure – which I highly recommend for perfect grooming. Well groomed feet are the foundation of our civilisation…I am a low maintenance kind of girl and usually do my own nails, (with various degrees of success).




However, after a particularly gruelling week, I decided I needed the attention. Tip: London visitors in search of pampering without the pedicure try the foot massage here.

My guiding principle…

My favourite slippers are well padded as well as lined in pink, polka dot fabric. They actually have names, the right one is called Fluffylies and the left one Corbin. Cost was minimal -and  I predict many suitable occasions to wear them.
The same cannot be said for my satin manolos. Yes beautifully made, but what on earth possessed me?  I don’t predict that many occasions suitable for wearing them… so cost per wear? The slippers win I think.

Cost-per-wear for satin manolos?

What is the cost-per-wear for your slippers?

The fight against evil
The fight against evil must go on, please help to spread the word or make a donation to Save the Elephant from extinction. Whatever you can give makes a difference.

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16 thoughts on “Real life fashion: Saturday night shoes

  1. Virginia

    And how does Lady Beatrice feel about your adorable bunny slippers? Does she bite the ears? (My kitties would !) The Manolos are tdf, of course! I do hope you will find many occasions to wear them. Your grey silk skirt and Chanel sweaters? 🐈💝

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Thank you dear Virginia. Lady Beatrice ignores my slippers. The Manolos are very delicate so I have to float about not to spoil them – ha. 😊 I ve got a couple of weddings to go to in June and I will wear them then. I also wore them round Christmas/new year.

  2. dottoressa

    There is no place like home-I love to be home,enjoying the piece and quiet evening.
    Sorry to hear about your hectic week-that makes two of us 🙂
    Lovely LB and comfy slippers-the perfect combination!
    I’m afraid that one has to have beautiful(oh,and your Manolo’s certainly are)and impractical shoes for events like weddings or ceremonials. Better to bring the spare pair with you,if you could (just in case of rain or something similar. Hope they are not going to decide on the whim,to have aperitifs in the garden f.e.)

      1. dottoressa

        Soak off gel is lighter,because it is removed with nail polish remover (although it takes a little bit longer than removing the regular nail lacquer )
        I made a pause from Christmas till this week (but continued with the pedicure-they really do it much better than me). Maybe a longer one would be better. I would stop in autumn this year (because UV lamp is certainly not the best thing in the world)
        My friends have soak off gel or real gel with their manicure,too,but I prefer simple transparent lacquer look (for now :-))

  3. SA.

    I am so bad at painting my nails! Sometimes I feel an 8 year old would do better. So, I just enjoy a good soak,clean up, cut and give them a good buff. But, for holidays and special events, I get gel nail polish. It feels so good to see it last two weeks 🙂

  4. happyface313

    😀 Hahaha, I like thos slippers. What does Lady Beatrice think of them?
    I do my own nails. But every couple of months I like to go for e pedicure. It just somehow feels a bit better.
    Have a good start into the new week 🙂

  5. Susan

    Pedicure with a foot massage is most relaxing. Nothing better after a stressful week. Love the slippers – they look both fun and comfy. The M’s are to die for. They are wonderful. Enjoy them to the max. Re. stressful situations at work, my Mother used to always say , stay calm and rise above the fray. Take the high road.

  6. Sue

    Bad luck re the bike. One of the most annoying things that can happen (in a crowded field at the moment, it is true). Try not to worry about the CPW with the Manolos. Sometimes it is nice to know there is a perfect pair of shoes in the cupboard Just in Case.

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      I know! They are my wedding shoes. I can wear them with jeans but the trouble is I don’t actually want to walk in them in case they touch something dirty on the floor…😄The LSH refuses to carry me!


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