Happy Easter everyone!

Just a quick post today with some lush & green photos, my very favourite.

Do enjoy a wonderful Easter and Would love to know how you celebrate it?
Here our own traditions include:
# chocolate Easter hunts,
# getting out to enjoy the first signs of proper spring, (finally warm enough!)
# go to church wearing new hats! Love this one. Easter bonnets anyone?
# family feasts (rather a lot of delicious food.)
# weekends away

Easter traditions from around the world?

Personally, being a wardrobe obsessive, I see the Easter break as a good time for some fashion revamps, clearouts, additions and general refining…my London flat redecoration is also complete, a day I never thought would come… photos to follow soon.

The fight against evil
The fight against evil must go on, please help to spread the word or make a donation to Save the Elephant from extinction. Whatever you can give makes a difference.

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12 thoughts on “Enjoy a green and happy Easter.

  1. dottoressa

    Happy Easter,dear LS,to you and your family and your readers,too!
    Lilac is beautiful,one of my favourite flowers
    We don’t have hunt for eggs (only maybe as a treat for tourists :-))
    We paint cooked eggs (in a lot of artificial colours) -I cook them traditionally in a lot of red onion shell for beautiful red-brown colour (or in a very strong tea leaves),or less traditionally,in kurkuma (yellow),red cabbage (pale blue),green leaves for pale “greenery” :-)….
    In the morning,we go to church
    We eat eggs,ham,horse radish,little red radishes and spring onions for breakfast. Special cake/ kind of sweet bread, we make for Easter(buy in my case-I made a chocolate cake yesterday) is called “pinca” ( pronounced like “peen-tza”) Before breakfast we knock (cooked,of course 🙂 )egg against egg and the winner is a person whose egg remains whole
    We have usually roasted lamb and a lot of salads for lunch
    It is raining today,so we are expecting my cousin for coffee/tea
    Easter is very often a beautiful day and then we go for a walk

      1. dottoressa

        I’m Roman Catholic
        Reading Natash’s and Antonia’s comment-it is indeed( it must be similarities, because there was a Byzantine Split among the two churches )
        I was in Greek once,for New Year, and didn’t know a lot about Greek Orthodox Church rituals-I just assumed that it must be very similar to Serbian Orthodox Church

        This year both Easter days are on the same date
        Their comments have inspired me to read something about it

  2. Natash

    My family is Greek Orthodox, and Easter is a real big deal for us. We go to church, celebrate resurrection, paint our eggs bright red and eat roast lamb as well as delicious 😋 “kokoretsi” it’s the very bes holiday. In recent years we started having more chocolate eggs and hunts too.

    1. Antonia

      My family is Greek Orthodox too! Same as above, and I was the lucky one who’s egg beat everyone elses! Hope you all have a wonderful Easter!

  3. SA.

    We don’t really celebrate Easter. But, I had friends over for dinner yesterday and bid them off to to an Easter Breakfast. The flowers in the park look beautiful. Hearty congrats on completing redecoration! I, for one, am excited to the pictures 🙂

  4. SA.

    We had a lovely day. Thank You!
    I am Indian, living in the US. Most of my family is Hindu, some practicing, some not so much 🙂
    Our household believes in God though we are more relaxed about religion as whole.


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