In case you haven’t noticed, bags are getting smaller and smaller as well  as progressively  more and more expensive. In fact the ‘micro’ bag trend is taking London by storm. The way to wear this is two or three bags at a time. A couple of tinsy tiny cross body bags, one for credit card and key, and a slightly larger one hand held. Handbag lovers heaven! If you really want to be ahead of the game, lipsticks get their very own cross body bag. After all, who doesn’t need a bag specially dedicated to carry ones essential lip balm?

Micro Handbags are the new jewellery
This may sound ridiculous but we should view the Valentino lipstick bags like jewellery-  it pretty much brings the old fashioned necklace concept, up to date. I personally stoped by the Valentino boutique to investigate. One has to see these delights in person!

How to wear the new micro handbag
The Valentino lipstick minaudière, is basically a pretty mirror compact on a long chain, with space for the Valentino lipstick tube.  It looked lovely worn cross body- and there is a variety of colours to combine with the Valentino mini crossbody (just large enough for ones Oyster card) The price for minaudière starts at £450 and the micro bag was £740. So thats just over a £1000 for two very attractive bags, that can be used together, individually, casually as well as for those elusive more dressy events.
Now, I  am not a fun of studded accessories, but both of those concepts are actually quite wearable. I can see me schlepping around London with my bus bus in a cross body bag, and like I said before –who doesn’t need a dedicated lipstick bag?

Never again search for those crucial items in the depths of a gigantic tote…

a quick real life photo. I paid a fleeting visit to the Valentino boutique to investigate.

Valentino minaudière – adorable cross body over a dress or a denim jacket. Never again fiddle to find ones  lipstick. The only down side I see the case only fits Valentino lipsticks. I’d love to see this superb idea, trickle down to less expensive brands.

The Valentino lipstick minaudière, is basically a mirror compact on a long chain with space for the Valentino lipstick tube. Starts at £450 for the more simple designs.

The Prada key ring sized perfect miniature bag. A relative bargain at Around £350 – can be used as a charm on an umbrella or a larger bag.

And my personal favourite… miniature Grace by Mark Cross at a whopping £1750. This is beautifully made and can carry tons of cash, credit cards, cosmetics and other daily essentials…

The fight against evil
The fight against evil must go on, please help to spread the word or make a donation to Save the Elephant from extinction. Whatever you can give makes a difference.


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21 thoughts on “Fashion update: how to wear the new ‘micro’ bag

  1. Antonia

    The Valentino lipstick ‘accessory’ is very cute but those prices-lol! Thanks for sharing your story LS. 🙂 Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Pret a Porter P

    Off topic, but when I pull out my bags that are from a decade ago, I’ve noticed that todays smartphones don’t fit in the phone pockets. I don’t see this trend taking off outside of “street style” photos and career blogging which is are **TOTALLY REALISTIC REPRESENTATIONS OF LIFE** , because if it can’t fit a smartphone how will we snapchat, instagram our every meal and moment of life. Celine Trio is the most recent influential handbag design that comes to mind. Even I’ve considered a derivative of it overtime because it is small, yet still practical enough to carry the bare minimum: phone, keys, cash/cards, ID. I see these more as a necklace equivalent or a jeweled compact.

    1. Angletaire

      All fashion is frivolous, lighten up girl… usually the harsher the political climate the more frivolous the fashion that surrounds it.

    2. lady sarah in london Post author

      Yes it’s just a fun piece. The lipstick bag needs to be viewed like a piece of jewellery. It’s a minaudière- a lot of ladies wear stacks of gold bangles or elaborate earrings or necklaces that have no functional purpose other than being decorative.

      1. Archana Paladugu

        Oh absolutely. As an art form, I love the little details and fun items. Just not for in my closet. I think my neice would love something like this. I should get her one for her birthday this year.

        A frivilous item I want for my closet : vintage hair pin. I have been wearing my hair up in a knot everyday. I would like a tiny embellishment for the hair. Havent found one yet.

  3. dottoressa

    I’ll have to wait for new models :-),even my Chanel stylo lipstick could not fit in.
    Seriously:yes,they are kind of adornment
    That’s an idea how to wear my minuscule evening chain purse (not big
    enough for car keys,to say nothing of the phone (just kidding)-but,some twenty years ago, car keys were smaller,as well as the phones
    Have a nice weekend!

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      So true, older phones were much smaller. The lipstick bag really is just another way to wear jewellery. After all we wear bangles or necklaces that have no functional purpose other than being decorative. I would prefer though a more generic lipstick holder so it can fit ANY lipstick not just Valentino.

  4. Angletaire

    Love the whole mad insane concept! Just like lady Sarah said, ‘we all need a dedicated lipstick holder’ 😃

  5. Susan

    Tiny bags must be the newest “it” purchase? Not practical enough for me. That said, I truly believe in, “something for everyone.” Let’s talk perfume some day? This topic would interest me greatly. Do you have a favorite perfume?

  6. SA.

    Completely digressing here – But, do you think the chain is detachable? You see, I saw this fabulously middle aged lady wear a similar chain with a knot (like one of those lariat necklaces, only a little more dramatic and more on the lines of costume jewelry). It was by no means vulgar. She actually carried it very well against her plain burgundy sweater. The mirror case reminds me of those old school cigarette cases, only a tinier version 🙂


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