A good straw bag is a ‘must have’ for the contemporary wardrobe.

To distract myself from the horrors of forthcoming Brexit, I started investigating basket bags and holiday wear. Major imaginary escapist lifestyle  ruse, since a) it’s still freezing in London and b) I haven’t got time for pool holidays.

A basket bag is the ‘tres chic’ option for summers in the city, plus, of course, an essential item, for those (imaginary)  long and languid holidays by the pool…already dreaming of the days, when I finally succeed to vanquish  the evil Borgias and buy a luxury beach hut, decorated by sibyl colefax herself.

Finding the perfect straw bag, is a tricky proposition. Every year I add this to my fashion list  It is pretty much a permanent quest. Most designers add too much frou frou, for my taste – it destroys the essence of the simple basket bag. I weep!

Everyones wardrobe needs a straw bag, I count the perfect basket bag as one of the four essential handbags for the London lady. It really is the most stylish solution to the summer handbag question. One may pick one up – an inexpensive one- in  a Provence market or other more exotic market destinations. I think the best one I ever had, came from a fish market in Thailand, can’t remember exactly what I paid for it, 50 pence I think.

If you are not going to be in Thai fish market, any time soon, London boutiques usually stock an upmarket selection of ‘designer’ straw basket bags . J Crew has a clever version made with weaved leather strips. Have you seen those?

J Crew has a clever version made with weaved leather strips. Have you seen those?


Nannacay: This jolly Pom Pom collection caught my eye, though. By Brazilian designer Nannacay. Lots of vavavoom and the perfect combination of straw and happy colourful Pom poms. Who doesn’t need some Pom poms, I ask you?

Do you think this is the ONE straw bag to reign supreme over all others? I haven’t quite decided yet, holidays are still an imaginary pursuit, but…

Do you have a favourite straw bag?

The Designer: Brazilian craftswoman Marcia Kemp with her latest collection of hand-weaved baskets, sun hats and other irresistible hot weather accessories…I love the hand held fans, perfect to add some finesse to Londons sticky tube travel.

‘Creative hands transforming lives’ is Nannacay’s slogan, founded by ex-financier and keen philanthropist Marcia Kemp. Marcia employs skilled artisans in Peru and Brazil, to handmade using locally sourced materials, woven straw bags embellished with elaborate pom poms and embroidery, along with other essentials for your spring summer vacation, such as earrings, hats, and clutch bags. These colourful vibrant designs and shapes of Peru and Brazil make up this unique brand.

© Ladysarahinlondon
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7 thoughts on “March: focus on the perfect straw bag

  1. anon

    I agree that we all need at least one summer straw bag and I also love by terry. thank you for a great blog. This design is too fussy though, I prefer simpler things too…

  2. Susan

    I follow a blog written by Stina Auer and she often summers in the South of France where she buys lovely straw bags and sells them from her online store. I have two and love them.


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