Huge turnaround for the “March Against Racism” demonstration in Central London.

Joining the march against racism – delighted to say, it was huge. Londoners are a tolerant species and we hope to survive the Brexit blow. I actually think controlled immigration is not necessarily a bad thing, but I could not just stand back and listen to the nonsense about how immigrants take OUR jobs, OUR houses etc. Give me a break, if every EU citizen left the NHS, it would simply seize to function.

The housing crisis -which is very real by the way- has more to do with outdated property laws, greedy scammy landlords and the governmentS failure to create sufficient stock. Nothing to do with poor immigrants…

Immigrants who are willing to integrate and embrace our culture should be welcomed here.

Fashion tips & etiquette for demonstrations
Comfort is paramount, but let us not neglect tres chic. There is strong likelihood, we may end up on TV news or social media. Or get arrested, could go either way…

My demonstration outfit: black skinny, super stretch jeans, my black fitted cashmere roll neck (sorry everyone its CHANEL but no logos, very discreet) and a thin black puffa jacket. Black trainers and comfy padded socks. No kelly bag, for me I used my pockets…though a small cross body bag would probably be fine. I thought I should be able to run and get out of the way, fast – should anything go majorly wrong. If you live under a totalitarian government that doesn’t take kindly to demonstrations, I would also suggest adding a smart balaclava, possibly even saying goodby to your loved ones. It’s bad form to throw bottles, explosives or set other people’s property on fire, no matter how tempting. And believe me, we are all tempted at times.

Off to have a drink now and discuss the revolution…with the comrades.

Any plans for the weekend?

“Amid a vitriolic atmosphere of anti-migrant hysteria following the EU referendum, Prime Minister Theresa May has announced she will trigger article 50 by the end of March 2017 in order to “have the freedom to choose the way we control immigration.”

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9 thoughts on “London delights: the freedom to demonstrate and the march against racism

  1. Young london renter

    Ha ha! Very good post lady Sarah, love your fashion tips. I don’t see the renters situation changing any time soon, though shocking story about the rogue landlord…

  2. dottoressa

    Dear Lady Sarah-stylish even as a comrade!
    You are so happy having a long history of marching and demonstrating to support a good causes-we are still learning…..
    The housing crisis-the horror story indeed (if you were not the landlord )
    I am,very peacefully ,going to see the exibition “Modern Challenge Zagreb Viena in about 1900 (Secession)” (Klimt,Vlaho Bukovac,Ivan Mestrovic and others)
    And to have a drink,of course

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Your weekend sounds lovely, yes londoners have a long history of peaceful demos, though still manage to mess up now & then.
      The landlord should have done prison time, the fines are not enough.

  3. TJ

    The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. Thomas Jefferson
    Yes that demonstration does look orderly – very civilised, having lived, briefly, in London was appalled at the cost and general level of housing. Disgusting!

  4. SA.

    I love the etiquette and fashion tips for demonstrations! The reference about ending up on TV or in prison – haha! Yes, two situations when it is paramount to look as chic as possible 🙂


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