It’s that time of year again ladies, refreshing the wardrobe stocks

Disciplined purchasing
Though by no means a minimalist, one likes to run a tight ship where wardrobes are concerned.
This means disciplined purchasing as well as a strict cleaning and maintenance regime.

Harsh I know, but things are about to get even tougher with Brexit looming on the horizon. I had to travel quite a bit the last few weeks, as my lifestyle evolves so do my wardrobe needs and there is no point clinging on to the old me.

My spring wardrobe budget
# 1. Re- invest the money from items I no longer use. Expensive designer clothes hold a percentage of their value and can be sold on. I only recover a fraction of what I paid, but it means no more unsuitable items taking valuable space in the wardrobe staring back at me unused. Unsuitable items, may still be very attractive and suitable for someone else’s lifestyle, so let them go, for clarity’s sake.

# 2. Use the funds (and supplement accordingly) for something fabulous that will get use NOW not in some distant future, imaginative lifestyle. Sounds familiar? I sold off expensive handbags and bought a really smart jacket and two shirts for office wear. The handbags were great, but I simply had too many bags and not enough really good, every day office clothes.

# 3. Use rule 1&2 above to make it a policy to only ever go for high quality purchases. After a few seasons they can always be sold off or recycled, its no point in hanging on to old items that no longer flatter, no matter how expensive they used to be. Quality is paramount here, lets face it, no one wants second hand PRIMARK…

# 4. Worth it to spend some money on alterations to achieve superior fit. I had a couple of pieces adjusted here and the results were well worth the expense. And time – do factor in time, this is not fast fashion, it’s only worth tailoring a piece of clothing if it was high quality to start with. It could be that this season there is no budget for new purchases and is all about editing and repurposing.

Style evolves with lifestyle, I never thought I’d go for the miu miu look

# 5. Some things were ‘bad investments’, no matter how much I thought about them. I still weep when I think of what I paid for a pair of satin manolos. They are absolutely beautiful and supremely comfortable. Fragile though – I like to be so careful with them that I asked my husband if he would be willing to carry me from the taxi to the party… Needless to say that he refused to support my psychosis!

Stashing money away…

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12 thoughts on “Money: my spring wardrobe budget s/s 17

  1. Casey Ellis aka Mary Carsten

    Sarah. Made a donation a while ago and enjoyed reading the longer posts. But I’ve forgotten my password. Any way to retrieve?

  2. happyface313

    🙂 You’re so right, dear Lady Sarah!
    I’ve just started sorting out, not just clothes.
    And I really like your littel “Sarah’s Stash” wallet.
    have a very HAPPY Sunday 🙂

  3. Antonia

    Excellent advice, Lady Sarah. Love the Manolo’s!! I appreciate the story you shared about asking your husband to carry you-it’s priceless! 😉

  4. Susan

    Love the Manolo’s. Enjoy them to the max. Cleansing the wardrobe is always beneficial. That said, making wardrobe updates is always enjoyable. Do you plan your updates? Or, do you add a new item when you see the right piece in the shop?

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      I have a “list” which I am supposed to follow. Occasionally I do go off piste, 😄 However just having a list is really useful as it stops me from some of the more ridiculous purchases…

  5. SA

    Lady Sarah,

    Is there any chance that you may do a comprehensive review (fit, comfort, wearability) of your Manolos. I have been longing for a satin pair. But after seeing your comments above, looks like I need to reconsider. I would very much appreciate reading your thoughts on the matter.


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