“If you would spend more on handbags, than you would on high quality skincare — you will be a 60-year-old woman with a vintage wardrobe and a face like an alligator.” Caroline Hiron

My beauty routine is about to get a spring boost, serums and face masks

Handbag: skin care costs ratio?
Something about the arrival of spring that makes me want to beautify myself! I must admit that I didn’t use to follow Carolines beauty views, especially on the handbag : skincare costs ratio. My annual handbag spending was rather disgraceful. Where beauty products are concerned on the other hand, economising was the order of the day. For years I’ve been a super low maintenance somewhat slapdash, kind of girl. My daily skin care regime, mostly consisting of soap and water splashes, followed by a quick slather of SPF cream and a tinted moisturiser. No serums, no eye creams, or exfoliator frou frou products were needed – thank you very much. Nonetheless Time catches up with us all, dear friends.

The art & science of beauty around the world ,
It is said Of the French that they are obsessed with beauty creams. In France beauty products are all about luxury pampering, massage and feel good factor. Skin care is meant to be a sensual experience, a full on indulgence!, enjoyed by all from a very young age. The French firmly believe that there is a cream or potion to solve every beauty ‘problem’ in the world. They even have a cream to slim their thighs, for heavens sake, can you believe that?! Our American friends on the other hand, actually went a step further and invented actual beauty ‘problems’ we never knew we had. Nothing less but a total anhiliaton of every wrinkle or facial expression. Americans are followers of the ‘no pain – no gain’ philosophy. If it isn’t a little bit uncomfortable, surely it can’t be working properly?. They use their clarisonic brushes till their skin is virtually raw, and then top it up with thick layer of SPF 1000+ Of course all these are stereotypes, there are always exceptions, but when I looked into my own acquaintances, they do ring rather true.

What about the British beauty routine? We are known to be a little slap dash actually and mine was low maintenance and low expense. Then I came across the couture of skin care ByTerry. I first wrote about it here and now I am hooked. I cannot get enough of their delicious rose day cream! I recently added the “global” serum, and the eye cream to my daily routine. My inner French girl luxuriates in the lovely texture of the products, a daily pleasure to use. My American self secretly marvels at the amazing results, yes dear friends excellent results – my skin looks amazing!

My thrifty self is banished under the stairs screaming – as My actual self buys yet another outrageously expensive little pot of rose extracts…

Serum: byTerry liftessence global serum
Does everyone need a serum? In my view, not really essential for younger people in their twenties. (Lucky you!) Or if there are problems with acne or extreme sensitivity, these need to be resolved first, there is no point in adding an anti aging serum. If like me, you live in a polluted city, it may be worth the extra effort and additional cost. A serum is the most expensive item in my beauty routine. One can get away with a less expensive face cream, but with a serum we get what we pay for. This is silky smooth and feels amazing straight away, protecting the skin from pollution and help maintain comfort and  hydration. Truly luxurious.

Face mask: byTerry cellular rose hydradiance masque
A lovely pale blue colour, super hydrating- can be used under the eyes, so a multitasking product. Everyone needs extra hydration right? Even oily skins, I use this while having a relaxing steamy bath and my skin soaks it up. It just gets occasional use when I feel particularly run down, very much a pampering product.

Eye cream: byTerry cellular rose eye cream
Still not convinced that everyone needs a separate eye product. I think if you use a good serum and face cream this may be a superfluous step. Simply use the serum and your normal cream up to the eye area. However it is an excellent product, as far as eye creams go, and seems to have an immediate brightening and uplifting effect. Even a teenager can benefit from using a good hydrating/protective layer under the eyes, so this may well be worth it. Especially if you prefer not to use a serum and don’t need an anti aging face cream. If you decide to invest in an eye cream, it is important to learn to apply it properly, otherwise pulling around the delicate eye area can do harm. ByTerry beauticians will generally offer good advice how to apply their products and they even have a little printed manual with instructions.


By terry rose cream


More on beauty here & here.

Truthfully, no need  to spend a kings ransom on beauty products: eating well and a good nights sleep will make anyone look better. Add  some daily Yoga (full yoga programme here) Also worth trying is a couple of pure lavender oil drops of here) on the pillow…Bon nuit every one.

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6 thoughts on “Beauty routines: spring luxury pampering byTerry

  1. happyface313

    Dear Lady Sarah,
    taking care of one’s skin is like drinking and eating – it’s just as neccessary.
    I don’t know Terry products, but they look and sound very nice.
    Have a very HAPPY day 🙂

  2. Antonia

    I use La Mer face cream and Shiseido Future Solutions eye cream. Amazing stuff! I wish I took better care of my skin in my 20’s…didn’t pay too much attention until my 30’s. Great advice Lady Sarah! 🙂

  3. dottoressa

    It looks so luxurious-we don’t have byTerry brand and I missed the opportunity to check it(cosmetics is something I have to smell,feel and touch before ordering) in London.
    I had no problem with my skin so far, thanks to good genetics,food and clean air,I started with nourishing cream at 18,with all year round spf cream two years ago-it was pretty late, I know,but didn’t like it before(only during the summer).
    The serum could be miraculous or,as I like more,oils.Decleor oils (or our brand Nikel) are best for my skin. I don’t apply eye cream although I’ve tried a couple of them.

  4. adguru101

    These products sound delightful. However, for serious skin care that goes beyond the cosmetic, may I suggest SkinMedica TNS and GlyPro, recommended by my dermatologist and expensive but really effective. TNS is the night serum, GlyPro antioxidant serum is for daytime, and their Renewal Cream is a night cream You’ll never need anything else, except a good sunblock (EltaMD is excellent) and possibly a retinol.


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