Georgian square

Enjoy this London street view from a typical Georgian window.

Isn’t that beautiful? Georgian buildings are considered by many as the pinnacle of our architectural achievements.

Designed by visionary architects like Robert Adam. Based on the golden rules of proportion, creators of unsurpassed grace. Sadly not many have survived intact, and some are only a facade, i.e. The front of the building is original, but the interior has been gutted and rebuilt to other specification.

Still there are a few Georgian buildings and If you are visiting London is well worth seeking them out.

I took these photos a few days ago, while taking a quiet stroll in Fitzroy Square. Taking in the ambiance away from the hassle and bustle of modern life. If at all possible look to gain access on the inside to really get a feel of the perfect proportion. People visit Athens to see the Parthenon, but Georgian buildings are a more modern interpretation of the same divine proportions and easier to appreciate.

Spectacular Georgian buildings are still in use today, lived in and enjoyed. I do wonder why modern developers don’t follow some of those design principles to create today’s desirable homes.


Balustrade georgian


I hope you enjoyed this post on London living. You can find more information or even join the Georgian Group here. At any rate take a stroll and look out for some magnificent architecture.

© Ladysarahinlondon
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Georgian lion
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4 thoughts on “London delights: Georgian square

  1. dottoressa

    I adore it-Bloomsbury an Fitzrovia are my favourite parts of London,from the first visit till now.
    Here is the office of J. Winspear’s character Maisie Dobbs ,Vanity Fair and Ian Mc Ewan….and many,many others,I love it so much,such a beautiful neighbourhood.

  2. Susan

    Lovely old world architecture. Windows like this frame an outside view much like a piece of art. Beautiful.


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