There is absolutely no escape, frills and flounces are everywhere this season.

For years I managed to keep frilly clothes out of my wardrobe. This season the battle is lost, the flounce has won. What started of as an innocent little detail, is taking over the fashion horizon.

Frills and flounces ladies, who would have thought?
London fashion gave us all the final push, as if we needed one.

The rules of the frill
1 # Beware of anything overtly oversized if you are not supermodel tall. The taller and thinner ladies- the bigger the flounce we can carry. Smaller and stouter ladies can look comical. Not fair, I know…

2# Plissé cuffs seem to be the elegant way to wear the trend, without looking like the proverbial fashion victim. The pink jacket in the main photo is new season Chanel! The sleeves are adorable and the tuille trim is removable. Chanel at it’s best.

3# Invest in quality (look out for Chanel quality in less expensive brands, clu and Sassun being two favourires) perhaps opt for DIY. How difficult can it be, to add a chiffon plissé detail to the cuff of a well made Henley top? A good dressmaker should be able to help.

4# Wear your frills with something unexpected. A bickers jacket or combat trousers for a modern silhouette. Avoid fancy dress Victorian clichés, it’s no time for costume drama.

Is it yes or no to the new frill?

Silk frill detail cuff

VB dress
Plissé sleeve
Victoria beckam dress

© Ladysarahinlondon
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Gucci catwalk flounce.

Gucci catwalk flounce.

Top shop boutique pink silk blouse with ruffles

Top shop boutique pink silk blouse with ruffles


10 thoughts on “Fashion update: how to wear the new frills

  1. Jessica

    love the CHANEL jacket, if only they weren’t so god damn expensive… the top shop blouse is beautiful too and much more affordable.

  2. anon

    sounds like I am in the minority, but I love some fun fashion frill and flounce! I bought a couple of new things and intend to wear them and fully enjoy this season. Feminine and fresh, at last.

  3. Jenny

    The trick is to wear it with something ‘tough’ looking, a khaki military jacket or some DM’s. its a great look, but if people go all edwardian it can look ridiculous.

  4. Natash

    Everything new comes with a little frill this season. I think of you like this trend is a good time to stock up, if not ignore it – it will go away! That’s the thing about fashion everything comes and goes…


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