Filly knickers

The perfect pair of knickers is the foundation for a good outfit

Unless of course you are the commando type, in which case you can stop reading right now!

The wardrobe focus for February is the long standing tradition of replenishing my underwear drawer.

These little beauties came to my attention, via my sister’s recommendation. ‘You just have to try them.” She insisted.

Initially One may be suspicious of cheekfrills being allergic to anything frilly and pastel coloured.  They claim to be simply the ‘best knickers in the world’, made from 100% wood pulp, (sounds scratchy but it’s sustainable raw material), eliminating the horror of VPL (visible panty line ladies?) from our wardrobes.

Admittedly, my worries are many, and I really don’t need to add VPL to the list of issues keeping me awake at night. The colours are pretty and could make a lovely addition to the stylish underwear drawer,- so I might give these a try.

What do you think dear blog readers?

Pretty frilly knckers

“modal fabric is what really sets us apart from the rest; bringing ultimate comfort and cosiness while fitting snugly onto the skin (no baggy pants or VPLs here!) Modal is a naturally elasticated fabric and with lace that stretches with the fabric there will be no danger of ‘digging in’, just pure comfort. Sounding too good to be true? It gets better. Our Modal is 100% natural and no excess chemicals are used during it’s production meaning that your cheekfrills will do absolutely no harm to your skin, just cosiness!”

Frilly knickers cheekfrills

© Ladysarahinlondon
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9 thoughts on “February: focus (on lady Sarah’s) frilly knickers

  1. dottoressa

    They look lovely and it sounds good.
    I had Skinny modal fabric knickers a couple of yers ago (before they dislocated their production to some other european countries and the quality change a lot,not for better)-it was their summer edition. I liked them (never have worn anything except cotton and silk before)- but they did change in washing more than cotton with a little bit of elastan ones.
    I would like to try these

  2. Justina

    These look very pretty – definitely worth a try once I organise my ‘basics’ I wonder what are their bralettes like?

  3. Susan

    I wear various cuts of knickers, depending on my outfit and mood. These look lovely but what care do they require? Generally, I want garments that require easy care. The most I want to do is use the delicate cycle on the washer and/or put garments in a mesh bag then in to the washer.

    1. Justina

      I agree with the poster above. Underwear has to be machine washable and easy maintenance. These are attractive but hard to keep in good shape. Perhaps keep a pair or two for ‘special’?


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