Brora cashmere socks

Cashmere socks are like couture for feet.

To reward my poor feet for all the pounding they took schlepping around Town, I booked myself a foot massage. That was followed by an early night in cashmere clad toes. It was delightful.

January sales
January is mostly a ‘no shopping month’ for me, because I don’t do the sales. It’s not that I don’t like saving money, it’s just that after years of money draining, dissatisfying, ‘bargain’ fashion purchases, I realised that was the wrong way to shop. These days, I mostly research the forthcoming spring collections, make notes and patiently wait for their arrival in my favourite shops.

When it comes to Brora cashmere, I make an exception to this rule. The Brora sale is a grand opportunity to stock up on some basic luxuries, and refresh my cashmere sock collection.

Socks are not considered a major part of a fashionistas wardrobe, bare ankles being de rigueur. Personally I only follow that rule in the warmer months, say May to September. Blue ankles have never been a good look. Thus my cashmere sock obsession was born.

But is a waste of money’, my sister insists. ‘They get horribly bobbly and hole-y in no time at all’

Not the most practical of purchases, I do agree. I mend mine and wash with loving care in a net bag. ‘Who in gods name mends socks.‘, my sister snaps at me.

What do you say? Do you think cashmere socks are worth it?

Cashmere bed socks in rose pink. I bought those a couple of years ago - still wearable...

Brora Cashmere bed socks in rose pink. I bought those a couple of years ago – they are super luxurious and still just about wearable…

For those who prefer the bare ankle look selina makes beautiful, goat hair and angora socks. The goats are kept in small herds and are well treaded.

For those who prefer the bare ankle look selina makes beautiful, goat hair and angora shortie socks. The goats are kept in small herds and are well treated.

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Enjoy a relaxing Sunday everyone!

Enjoy a relaxing Sunday everyone!


14 thoughts on “January: cashmere sock dilemma

  1. Sue

    I am with you on the sock wearing v freezing ankles. Maybe the non-sock wearers don’t cycle much? Brora socks are the best,. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same of their woolen tights, which I had thought about buying for ages – I bought few pairs in the sale and they simply haven’t lasted despite the handwashing. I think I’ll stick to Falke and Wolford.

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      I have their cashmere mix tights as well, also bought on sale! Do you think Wolford and Falke are better? I must admit that my Brora ones are super warm, too warm for office wear actually, though great for cycling.

      1. Sue

        Well, yes. Brora tights are lovely to wear and perfect for cycling. It’s the length of time they lasted (for me)…Back to grey merino Falke.

  2. Leslie

    I think they are well worth it – our feet carry us through life literally and deserve any pampering we can offer.

  3. dottoressa

    After almost a month with temperatures from -4 to -12°C-I’m all for cashmere socks,cashmere tights ( Brora’s,in desperate moments above “normal” tights ),cashmere vests under cashmere turtlenecks…’ve got the picture!
    In usual winter weather conditions,I wear 70 den Falke or Wolford tights or knee socks under trousers (but than, I’m driving,not cycling)
    So,yes,I’m for cashmere socks,you never know…..

  4. happyface313

    🙂 Dear Lady Sarah,
    I’ve never purchased cashmere socks (yet), as I walk around barefoot most of the time.
    If I’m really cold I’ll roll my feet in a comfy blanket or stick a hot water bottle under them.
    But I must admit, that cashmere socks sound quite worth the temptation.
    Have a very HAPPY weekend 🙂

  5. Helena

    Cashmere socks are not for me. I was given a pair as a present and really could not see the point. yes they were nice when i first wore them , but within a month or two had to be thrown away. I think one of them shrunk in the wash. 😦

  6. Archana Paladugu

    My wool socks are a life changer for me. I use camping socks in my everyday life. Always have cold feet and now problem solved. They are a serious staple for me.

    Not sure about cashmere socks though. Sounds high maintenance upkeep wise and rather too luxurious!

    Did you get the pink Hermes wallet ?


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