Chanel couture ice pink 2017
One never regrets buying Chanel as the sayin’ goes.

Here in Paris, Chanel is viewed with reverence, a national icon. A Chanel jacket or a bag will elicit a smile from the sternest of waiters and may well secure you a table in a fully booked Michelin star joint. Sad but true, appearances matter and clothing is an effective form of communication.

In my own wardrobe there are a few old pieces of Chanel (from the RTW line – short for ‘ready to wear’ or Prêt à porter as our chic French cousins like to say). They are treated with reverence and can testify to the quality and chic. I prefer the unbranded pieces and I like to mix with less expensive, (never sweat shop of course, one tries to retain some standards of quality) items of clothing.

The collection shown here is couture. Worth noting that only about 200 women world wide, are regular couture clients. The cost of an haute couture suit could be more than some people’s houses, however the style favoured at Chanel is a precursor of what may trickle down, into more affordable lines we can all wear. (BBC documentary here)

The latest Chanel couture collection is an absolute wonder and a sign of things to come. Divine fabrics and impeccable tailoring. The new silhouette is lean, with clinched waists. Line up for the gym everyone.

Check out this article from the guardian.

It will be a challenge to translate this look to my cycling t work outfit, but I am damn well gonna try... watch me!

It may be a challenge to translate this look as my ‘cycling to work outfit’, but I am damn well gonna try… watch me!

© Ladysarahinlondon
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9 thoughts on “Fashion update for 2017: lessons from Chanel couture

  1. adguru101

    Beautiful! I love my old Chanel pieces too! Quick question: having made my donation to baby elephants how do I get the password? You can email me at Xxxxxx Thanks!!

  2. Susan

    Lovely Chanel outfits. Interesting to see the belted jacket trend in all the photos. Spring colors are very uplifting, especially now in January when our grass is brown and sometimes covered with snow and ice. Looking forward to Spring!

  3. dottoressa

    Beautiful,such a lovely collection. Thank you
    Back to their roots but fresh and contemporary
    And all those colours…..sigh..

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      That is a beautiful collection and I have every intention of wearing my own interpretation of it. I have to be careful with colour because I use public transport, live with cat and my parents have dogs😄. Still it will be so uplifting.
      Oh and the LSH loved it❤️

  4. helena

    wonderful inspiration. I especially loved the documentary, I had no idea rich clients had to loose weight before they could buy chanel couture. thank you lady sarah


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