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In an attempt to distract oneself from the Brexit news, We could do well to be totally focusing on wardrobe issues.

Perfecting my wardrobe is always high up on my New Years Resolution list. I usually throw myself into it with enthusiasm. Cleaning, sorting and decluttering, can be an obvious start, but I sought help & inspiration in one of the many wardrobe books in my home library – tips from the Practical Princess.

Does my wardrobe reflect my life?

That is a key question, a whole lot of key questions in actual fact…

Do you work?
Yes /No, but I study

What kind of work do you do?
Office work, finance sector, design creative, shop assistant, nurse or teacher. Charity work?

Is there a uniform or a dress code?
This could be formal or informal, kind of unspoken rules. Being sensitive to our surroundings makes life easier. And never underestimate comfort, or confuse it with sloppiness.

If you don’t work -how do you spend your days?
Internet surfing or growing geraniums? keep a diary to see what you actually do with your day.

What is your marital status?
Married, Single or divorced- or perhaps on the look out?

Are you a parent?
Mother of three bundles of joy or a looker after of a couple of long haired cats?

What is your social calendar like?
Even the the most unexciting of life styles, has some events planned. Holidays or birthdays, formal weddings or beach parties. Never waste an opportunity to wear the ‘right’ clothes, and pay a compliment to the host. Who knows who will be there to invite you to the next event?

Note any upcoming events in your diary.
Don’t let events take you by surprise. The right shoes and the right handbag can be the path to the gates of heaven.

What are your interests?
Love going to the movies or restaurants, sporting events or hanging out in coffee shops? Perhaps you like camping or horseridng?

Do you travel?
Do you have a chauffer, commute to work, walk drive or cycle? Most of the time I walk, cycle or take the bus, which means my choice of footwear is dictated by my particular lifestyle.

Are you happy with your current weight & wellbeing?
That’s usually key – even the best quality clothes will not look their best when we are out of shape. Not to mention that a good exercise regime will save thousands in wasted shopping time. Keeping clothes in the wardrobe that are no longer our true size creates chaos & confusion. At  least store them somewhere else to be able to see what can be used at the present time.

Any life changing events or circumstances?
Change of job, moving out of town, new baby…perfecting a wardrobe is an on going process.

Where do you live and what is the climate?
City, the suburbs or the “coutryside”

If, like me, you had a bunch of lovely clothes in your wardrobe that you never wore, the truth may well be that we are suffering from the shopping for the imaginary lifestyle syndrome.

…have your answers ready and Stay tuned for the very next step in search of the perfect wardrobe…

After the home renovation, my accessories enjoy a more civilised lifestyle. My old Kelly is still looking for a new home...offers around £900.00

After the home renovation, my accessories enjoy a more civilised lifestyle. My old, beat up  Kelly is still looking for a new home…offers over £600.00

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7 thoughts on “Does my wardrobe reflect my life? (Personal style series)

  1. dottoressa

    The crucial wardrobe question indeed-shopping for one’s lifestyle.
    I need some comfort read for ice age . And a new down coat for next winter (luckily, I have the outfit for snow shoveling and hanging out with my neighbours while doing the same-all male members of the family suitable absent)
    More than 10 years ago my holidays were like: we should stay in 5*hotel in Dubrovnik,than go camping and hiking for a while,visiting the Placido Domingo concert in the meantime,while having the whole swimming/kayaking/diving/basketball playing gear-than I decided what MY holidays,lifestyle and wardrobe would be and translated it to my life in general.
    Thank you-you were the first who actually (with your posts) supported me in my lifestyle wardrobe decisions and inspired me to improve it

  2. Susan

    Lifestyle and wardrobe. Regardless of lifestyle, one can dress in quality clothing and look well groomed. It is a choice. It also requires some skill, that is, knowledge of what looks good on our individual body type and making good purchase decisions. As we have all said, purchase mistakes are easily made. Being swayed happens. I tend to focus on what looks good on me, my body type, and quality. Popular fashion or trends, I try to ignore most of the time. .

  3. jennu

    well thought out questions! I hate buying clothes for work, which I view as a ‘waste’, but that what my closet needs the most.

    1. Susan

      I find there are a few items that work for the workplace and otherwise. For example, black or navy slacks can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Various fabrics and cuts add to the overall style you are going for. Add a shoe or boot as well as a sweater or dress jacket and the look can change dramatically. Personally, my slacks do double duty.

  4. Anonym.

    TBH – my closet is pretty full with impractical, bargain purchases and uncomfortable items, bought online. This is a very clever post since fashion tends to sell a fantasy and the lifestyle we wished we had. I have a lot of good tailoring -I never wear any of it , my office dress code being ‘anything goes’. Id simply look weird if i turned up in a suit. LOL and yet I buy more!


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