Creating a proper wardrobe is a lot like decorating a room.

Whilst doing my own flat renovation, that  much became apparent. We should think of  creating our wardrobes, exactly like choosing a home, because it is something we are going to live in. It must be comfortable and have rooms to suit all our needs as well as accommodate different weather, occasions & all seasons!

London house prices are a legend in their own time, and us Londoners spend around two thirds of our income on rent. That is a hell of a lot of money and doesn’t leave much to spare  for wardrobe updates. There is a housing and a wardrobe crisis I tell you! Whatever I buy for my wardrobe needs to be very well thought out.


A well decorated room, is comfortable as well as being pleasing to the eye. Well proportioned without being overaccesorised. This room was designed by Designer Kit Kemp who has used a ‘Bloomsbury Group’ theme throughout the hotel which features original art from the period and a mural in the brasserie reflecting scenes of ‘contemporary London life’. It’s a favourite of mine for drinks and afternoon tea, there are many posts and photos in the diary section.

Wardrobe Rules
These will depend on where you live and what you do. A single working girl living in London, will need a very different set of clothes, to that of a mother of three in the suburbs. The city girl needs a more sophisticated wardrobe.
On the other hand, (if like my sister,) you live in a small community, you may need more changes than the city girl: she doesn’t see the same people at every party, but you do. Whatever  ones lifestyle – a common error I have come to observe,  is the mortal sin of over-accesorising. The result is the same as when a room is full of cushions, frills and fussy knick knacks without a comfortable sofa or a place to sit and put ones feet up…

hopefully one may get wiser as the years go by.

Wardrobe successes for 2016
Good knitwear in cashmere or quality wool are must for my wardrobe. I do have a weakness for Vintage Chanel or Brora, though any thing top quality will do nicely, thank you! Some of my vintage treasures, are quite dressy – ideal to wear on festive occasions with jeans for the elusive “effortless, I am not really trying” look. For our London weather,  they are also great for evening events paired with my chiffon silk skirt – warm and stylish! So happy, I had versatile knitwear, (some are over ten seasons old, with intricate details and lovely buttons) since it meant I could get dressed and be comfortable without buying more clothes for evening dos.

Cashmere tights
My set came from Brora and were eye wateringly expensive. With a little bit of care – they are on their fourth season, unbelievably warm and comfortable. Worth the money, only if you live somewhere cold and are prepared to do the maintenance. I will look to get a new pair this season, Plus mending the old ones!

“Faux” lotus pearls
A lady needs some simple everyday jewellery. Mine are not expensive, they are not even ‘real’, but they complement my current wardrobe. Simply amazing! They look fresh and sassy and sexy and really it should be made compulsory to own at least one necklace. A princess stylebis probably the most versatile. My problem is knowing when to stop. I also got a couple of Hermes cuffs, also very good for creating a smart, non chalant look.

High waisted jeans
Dark wash, fitted but not skinny. I had to try about a thousand pairs to find them. Honestly, I lost the will to live.  A new addition and never thought I’d say this, but they look great, on me much more comfortable than skinny, low rise. Next year I may look into elevated track suit pants, but more on that on the New Years fashion resolution post coming up!

Organic cotton basics
Super comfortable and soft loungewear from people tree. Yes, yes, yes! A cup of tea and stretch my legs out on the sofa. The quality of these, were much higher than some other more expensive specialist brands, which shall remained unamed. People tree organic cotton, was wash ‘n’ wear, wash ‘n’ wear…

Perfect shoes
I practically live in my chunky ankle boots! I bought my first pair in black, two years ago, liked them so much I bought an identical pair again. My only gripe is that they don’t offer repairs, but very sturdy and one could sure kick some ass wearing those. This year I also ‘invested’ in some satins – that may have been a foolish decision as far as cost per wear was concerned, but they are seeing me through the party season nicely.
Pink satin

Good haircut, yoga classes, skin care
Grooming is a mirror of the inner self. I don’t mean, tons of fake make up slapped on, We are talking about self care. It’s hard to find a good hairdresser but worth the effort. I never regretted the exorbitant amounts I pay for yoga classes, never once thought, ‘wow I wish I hadn’t done yoga and gone shopping instead’. Gentle face products with feel good factor, I actually Savour The texture and the scent. Love using them and look forward to my skin care routine. Well worth the time spend researching and testing.

skeletons in the wardrobe
My wardrobe mistakes don’t tend to stay in the wardrobe, but one needs to have a really good clear out, to admit to the little little vagabonds. My flat is too small to house too many skeletons in the wardrobe, so to speak, will save those for another post – and a laugh.

After a good clearout, I get my little note book out, to take an inventory and make an end of year assessment. Choose a good bag, avoid the sales for the sake of a bargain and download this great 2017 calendar for tips to keep us all going.

So what are your wardrobe successes from 2016? Any tips to share the wisdom and bring sanity to our wardrobes?


7 thoughts on “Goodbye 2016- wardrobe clarity with Lady Sarah

  1. happyface313

    🙂 I fully agree, dear Lady Sarah!
    I will be de-cluttering as of tomorrow morning, as we’ll spend the evening at home, very cosy with a nice bottle of bubbly and I have no party dressing to do 😀
    I looked at a pair of cashmere tights today, but wasn’t sure and left them in the shop…
    A very HAPPY New Year to you 🙂

  2. Susan

    Your decor is impeccable. Love the furniture, fireplace, tables, lamps and art! You must be very happy with your renovation and decorating. Your property, albeit pricey, is a great investment in London. In my view, money well spent. Entirely lovely! Wishing you a happy 2017.

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Thank you Susan! It’s a beautifully put together room, though sadly not my flat, it’s the Charlotte Hotel tea room. I will post photos of my flat Reno next year. Happy New Year to all of us and thank – thank you again for supporting our little blog! ☺️

  3. dottoressa

    Happy New Year to you,dear lady Sarah,and for us all!
    I celebrated with friends this morning in our beatifully decorated city with glass of bubbly (yesterday evening too :-))-and would be very happy in my cosy home this evening !

  4. Jessica

    Not so much a success but a 2016 wardrobe regret! That is, not having cashmere loungewear for winter at home. I now know it is essential and so i will definitely be investing in some as i spend so much time at home and like to be comfortable.

  5. Jenny T.

    Happy new year to you too- thank you for all the sartorial advice and love your interiors taste too. I will make sure to start the year with a good wardrobe declutter! 😊 I invested in a great coat (non fast fashion) after being inspired by your post, that was a success.


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