Light lunch to combat post Christmas excess

Like most of us, I’ve eaten way too much the past few days.

And the night is still young so to speak, since we’ve got the New Year celebrations to look forward to before we finally hanker down.
According to a major news story 8 out of 10 people in Britain are seriously unhealthy. I would rather we took steps for redemption and I am most certainly NOT going to wait till the New Years resolutions kick in. I took some time off the overindulgence train, for a tasty and light rice salad.

Basmati rice, (mixed with a few grains of black wild rice)
Fresh, ripe avocado, chopped and bathed in plenty of freshly squeezed lemon juice, just touch of sea salt. It is not essential, but we had some organic tomatoes, on the vine, and threw those in too as they complement the avocado rather well.

Today I used left overs from the sea food platter, there was plenty of lobster claws mixed with finely  chopped celery, onion and mango. Just as easily it could be done with turkey slices and fresh pineapple. Avoid anything overprocessed or cured in sugar.
I made the rice in advance ( best to use proper rice rather than boil in the bag which have been processed within an inch of their life and have no nutrition left) and keep in the fridge for the basis of any salad. The avocado and seafood salad is best eaten within a day or two.

This dish was so unbelievably tasty and very light. I felt better straight away. I have also added some green supplements to my diet and will look into probiotics!

Ready to vanguish the Borgies everyone?

The fight against evil must go on, please make a small donation to save the elephant from extinction. Whatever you can give makes a difference.

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5 thoughts on “London living tip: healthy eating to beat stress (& post Christmas excess) #2

  1. Susan

    Healthy eating is always beneficial. Feeling good depends on good diet.. Now the occasional splurge is a given, It is the everyday eating habits that can cause harm. I am a fan of probiotics – my MD says our immune system is only as good as our digestive system.


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