Green tea

You are what you drink.

No matter how harsh life gets, we try to get together for afternoon tea, discuss the blog and come up with new ideas to beat the Borgias, Save the Elephant and refresh the wardrobe. We don’t settle for coffee on-the-the-go, from a giant polystyrene cup. ( god forbid!)  I mean sit down and sip, -yes sip, rather than gulp, and use a dainty, china cup.

Within this ritual  is the essence of civilisation – what’s left of it anyway – so we may as well enjoy while we still can. Any kind of tea is good, but if you feel too much caffeine makes you edgy, try a herbal infusion or some really good green tea. (it is said that green tea may block cancer, that has to be good news, don’t you think?)

Green tea basic know how
Just about the worst thing you can do with green tea is actually boil it. Green tea should be brewed with hot – never boiling water. Unless you live in a SPA water area, like VICHY use Filtered water.  Allow the water to cool to approx. (80C) steep for approximately one minute. (Some varieties may need slightly longer.)  Do remember that, powerful antioxidants will degrade with time, in effect, green tea doesn’t keep well- so drink the nectar soon after brewing. The leaves though, can be re used for 2nd & 3rd infusions which makes loose leaf tea, pretty economical. Steep just little longer with each subsequent infusion.

Enjoy, breath and do something positive. We are having an afternoon tea meeting for a Christmas charity sale! I love raising a little bit of money for ‘good causes’, doesn’t everyone?

Green Kelly bag to complete the green tea little 28 is up for sale to see new worlds, check previous post if your are interested.

Green Kelly bag completes the green tea experience…as part of the recent ea drove clear out, I cutt No down on Kelly’s. So my other Kelly a  little 28 is up for sale to see new worlds and explore new lifestyles, check contact me for details, if your are interested to get the darling girl for your own wardrobe. If you are coming to our charity sale it’s best to put an offer in advance. There may well be a stampede as she is quite unique.

© Ladysarahinlondon
How to access password protected posts: To get your password please support our favourite animal charities such as Save the Wild Elephant Or rescuing baby elephants, by making a donation.Please make your donation directly to the charity and contact me for your password.

4 thoughts on “Ten-step programme to deal with stress: Green Tea #2

  1. dottoressa

    Christmas charity sale-great!
    Love the simple,beautiful china in pastel colours(is it a silver sieve?),big (mint?) leaves and real notebook and pencil-perfect set for planning the good causes and beating the Borgias 🙂
    Dottoressa (slowly sipping morning coffee from a small Czech Blue onion porcelain cup…)

  2. Archana Paladugu

    I got some white tea for presents. And its divine. I may keep some for myself.

    Everytime you show tea cups and tea accessories, my heart swoons a little. That tea mesh for example, is perfect.

  3. jennu

    good luck with your charity sale – I would love to come but I am based too far away. can I still bid on your lovely Kelly? please let me know.
    x Jenny


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