Pink satin party shoes

You really need to get this whole stress thing into perspective – was Rosie’s verdict.  I know,  but I am very busy. Plus, One needs, new party shoes, always a stressful endeavour.

Christmas is looming on the horizon, Brexit is also looming and don’t get me started on the US election. Some good news is that Nigel Farage may be emigrating to the US. He has sorted out the situation in the UK, so now we are all going to be poorer and pay billions to ‘take back control’ of our country, by taking Great Britain out of the EU. Well done Nigel.

Anyway to put a spring back in my step, I tried on some new shoes. Quite a lot of new shoes actually. ‘Sarah, what you really need’, Rosie said ‘is much less shopping and much more self care, you know- mind body treatments.’ Wise words mate, wise words…

I absolutely hate spending my money on dressy, party shoes. They get so few outings, making the cost per wear absolutely astronomical. The other problem I find , there seems to be a direct correlation: the prettier the shoe is , the more it hurts. Why is that I ask you?

Yoga and foot massage is evidently the answer to the worlds problems, (as well as the one true path to world domination.) Secretly, I still prefer shoes, but perhaps we should all take Rosie’s advice and try this legendary foot treatment at the Thai Square Spa located just off Trafalgar Square, right in the heart of our beloved London.

Post party shoe shopping, I had a quick look at the SPA. Admittedly, it looked tempting! A brisk walk from Bond Street, this is the perfect venue to recover from the exhaustion of those intensive Christmas shopping sprees. A lot of body tension is held on the feet so a good foot massage is a very effective means of eliminating some of that tension. If you are not into foot massage, (you don’t know what you are missing!) the menu at the spa is quite extensive, with lots of destress themed packages, plus the place looks beautiful and tranquil, – very much worth a try, especially if you have been feeling the effects of London life.

Hang on in there, dear friends. part #2 of the programme coming soon!

Forthcoming Christmas charity sale, wardrobe clearouts & -additions. Get in touch for details.

Forthcoming Christmas charity sale, wardrobe clearouts & -additions. Get in touch for details.

Splendid Manolo shoes

© Ladysarahinlondon

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If you are thinking of buying a new coat don’t forget to read this First.

Toying with the idea of letting this go to new wardrobes. very vintage black Kelly retourner 28 from 1955! Offers over £900.00

Toying with the idea of letting this vintage Kelly bag go. We are thinking to include her in our Christmas charity sale but if any of you, dear blog readers, are non-London based and interested Email me for details: rare beauty, vintage black Kelly retourner 28 from 1955! Offers over £900.00 comes with dustbag, but no strap or other accessories. A percentage of the sale goes to our favourite Elephant charity. All items in our charity sale are top quality designer items, from the likes of CHANEL, Miu Miu and Prada. A couple of Hermes items too! The charity donation may be anything from 10% to even 100% of the proceeds. So your money goes to a good cause, and our wardrobes get a refresh. Win-win situation!

Pink satin party shoes

8 thoughts on “Ten-step programme to deal with stress: Happy feet #1

  1. shoesare my true love

    shoes !!!! Yeyyy! I stumbled upon your blog accidentally and love it. great taste in shoes and I agree: happy feet need foot massage and good shoes! 🙂 looking at pretty shoes is like meditation! 😂

  2. dottoressa

    I loved and have wear flat ballet shoes a lot before,now I prefer 3-5cm heel.
    Yes,thank you,we have some lovely places-and a lot of nglected healing thermal baths,with natural warm water springs-hope that it would be restored in future
    My grandmother used to spend summers there,we were visiting her and it was very nice and oldfashioned.

  3. dottoressa

    Beautiful shoes! Love court heel and flat MB-aren’t they comfortable?
    I don’t know if the foot massages were the answer to world problems,but I like them and paraffin wax treatment (naturally only with the new one disc of wax for you,before melting) in winter leaves your skin soft and moisturized!
    I have plans to avoid stress as much as possible this year (and yes,pedicure and feet treatment is on the list in two week time,as well as hairdresser))
    Looking forward other steps 🙂

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Personally, I don’t find flat ballet shoes comfortable. But that has more to do with the shape of my feet.😱The occasional spa visit though can be a life saver, I think you have amazing ones on Croatia though no?

  4. Virginia

    Oh my, all those shoes are gorgeous! I can see the pink Miu Miu’s with your pink sweater and grey silk skirt ☺ And those flat MB’s !! 💕. As you say, though, cost per wear would be very high. Christmas dreaming!!

  5. Marilia

    Thank you for sending us, Mr Farage over, just we needed. 🙂 seriously though, love your take on London life, shoes and spa visits is definitely the way forward.


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