finalOh God, oh god, oh GOD! I cried. The beloved husband was somewhat more succinct: ” F*** this“- were his exact words.

How to wear black.
Post election and pre Brexit, the mood is still dark, so I thought we can do a quick piece on black and sober outfits.

One very rarely wears all black outfits, which One finds a little bit harsh on the complexion. Even adding just a dash of cream silk near the face can lift things up a little. Though this has to be done with care, to avoid looking like either a waitress, or a high court judge.

On the plus side, black can and does, look very elegant, and is so very simple to accessorise. Especially lovely, in good fabrics: black, cashmere, satin silk or just a hint of lace peaking through.

 For any upcoming court appearances, funerals, cocktail parties or those impromptu visits to the Royal Opera House – nothing can beat a good black outfit, always appropriate. So good to be prepared, one never knows what the future may bring…

A Black outfit does require impeccable grooming, and a certain amount of effort- but will virtually never go out of fashion, making it a good staple in harsh economic climates. Adding a nutty little hat with a veil will bring a whole new dimension. (Do people still wear hats in court, or are they just for mourning now?)

To help me recover from the shock of the US election, as well as be battle ready for the Borgias, I went shopping. To put together some tres chic little black ensembles. The damage was considerable, but my justification was that shopping is better than alcohol – and so much easier to control. Only just.

Draping myself in a luxurious black cashmere coat from Max Mara with some incredible Mary Janes from Miu Miu. An outfit to conquer the world in, perfect to wipe out the Borgias. After all, we all have our battles and dressing up for them helps with the winning team.

It was not possible for me to walk in the Miu Miu shoes, so I had to let go of that particular fantasy. (I have rather wide feet and my toes simply refused to submit) The divine cashmere coat though is mine – wearing it right now as I am deciding which is the ideal handbag to go with…

Any suggestions for the perfect handbag addition?



© Ladysarahinlondon

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If you are thinking of buying a new coat don’t forget to read this First.

22 thoughts on “Fashion update: how to dress in black (dark and dignified)

  1. Virginia

    Oh my, no wonder dear LSH words were just so! However, a drop dead gorgeous cashmere coat is worth its weight in gold😄. I’m afraid I have trouble supporting the black look, however navy or charcoal ensembles get my full backing (and make a great second choice). A shame about the Miu Miu pumps, though, as they are quite lovely.

    I have decided I will not let this horrid US situation get me down. I just think what a joke he is! Oh and a first lady whos modeled almost naked, a second son who like to kill beautiful animals in Africa, a socialite daughter, and a daughter who designs goods made in China of course. I do hope her majesty never need meet them!

    1. Fashionsavvy

      Shocking news about Trump – the man found a way to avoid paying his taxes and he gets voted in for President. What does that really say about the voters and democracy?

      1. James Hutchison

        Good point about the daughter selling stuff made in China. How does that fit in with bringing jobs to America?

  2. Susan

    Never go wrong with a cashmere coat. Mine is navy blue and full length. I’ve had it for about 10 years and it remains a classic standby piece. These coats never go out of style and are worth the investment. Black, navy and charcoal outfits are timeless. Rarely do I see someone in this outfit that does not look great. The only caution is over accessorizing. It is a fine line. As for Trump. people are still in shock. Our press and pole-takers were totally off the mark. Hillary was also convinced she was winning and the press backed her up. She did win the popular vote. But – she lost in states (e.g., Florida) with a large number of electoral collage votes. Trump comes with a long CV and a colorful lifestyle of a billionaire. I’m not stressing over this. The checks and balances of American democracy will be at play and Trump will be working within this system.

  3. Marianne

    I think an Hermes Bolide good be great with this coat. Its my favorite style, practical and very light. Trumps win shocked me. Hopefully the next 4 years will be short.

  4. dottoressa

    Your coat is perfect! Just my cup of tea!
    I have one similar to yours in wool and one slightly over the knee version in cashmere- I wear them with scarfs in colours,or cream white and my bag is nowdays usually Longchamp Roseau Heritage tote in taupe for day .
    I have no problems with all black outfits,either black dress or tuxedo suit,but love also combination of different black textures-like silk and cashmere (especially for the concerts or theatre,or for the current situation- I’m just in the mood for funeral outfit-I resonate with you and even more with LSH :-)-),but I always add either pearls or golden necklace (or/and a scarf for a day use)
    I like to play with black and navy combination sometimes. Very elegant, too.
    Miu Miu Mary Janes are so beautiful- I have problems with a lot of pumps and flats and have mine custom made ( in navy suede).
    Clarks are not so beautiful but I think they have black patent Mary Janes with block heel

      1. dottoressa

        Dear Lady Sarah,please don’t expect Prada (although I’ve seen nice comfortable Prada Mary Janes in Fenwick this summer) or Miu Miu but :
        Clarks,Women shoes,block heel,Chinaberry Pop in patent black
        Hobbs Aurora Court in velvet

  5. Fashionsavvy

    your kelly is the perfect bag Lady Sarah, thank you for the light relief. I vote for the retourner! Indeed we are all in mourning post US election and pre Brexit – what is the world coming to?

  6. mochachoc

    Hope it’s lined. My double cashmere Maxmara coat is indeed beautiful but annoying to put on and off. Over cashmere knitwear (overkill?) there’s no slip.

    Trump? Interesting times.

    I agree; it’s screaming Kelly.

  7. SA.

    Those black patent mary janes!! I wish I could walk in them! After how our american elections turned out, I did go ahead and buy black patent pumps. Maybe I am mourning. Or just that black shoes make me feel powerful. Wrote a full post on the blog yesterday.

  8. Heidi

    A good coat is a true investment. I bought a charcoal Max Mara back in 2001, and still wear it. I LOVE those shoes – another good investment, although like you I prefer to be able to walk in them now.
    As an aside, why do the mannequins have a slumpy shouldered hunchback pose? Are they emulating the Duchess of Cambridge?? Good posture goes a long way toward impeccable grooming…

  9. SA.

    Those Mary Janes look so beautiful. Looks like we are thinking on the same lines here! I bought a pair of black patent pumps this week. Maybe that is my way of mourning the election outcome. Also, black patent leather makes me feel powerful..

  10. Archana Paladugu

    I was tempted to fall into the ‘lets give him a chance’ category. But he isnt showing much promise with the appointments he has been making. John Oliver put in well : You are flying and you suddenly realize that your pilot is a ferret. You dont cheer a ferret on and hope for the best.

    A good vintage wine is worth the splurge and will go well with your cashmere coat. And is apt for all the heart break democracy is bringing upon us.

  11. Dn in NYC

    LS, as a NYer, I heartily approve of your black. It’s pretty much the uniform here. I don’t feel dressed if I’m not wearing a considerable amount of the shade, but I am looking for more textures as well.. I often wear the inexpensive pearls I bought in China to lighten the look a bit, but I often feel more ladylike than I’d like to in just pearls. You once mentioned that you often mix your pearls with silver, and I was hoping you might do a post showing a few of those looks. I’ve been looking for good chains, and I’ve not had much luck and would love to see what you do.

  12. Jessica

    Goodness. I have un-consciously been wearing a lot of black recently. Possibly it is a reflection of my depresso mood. I did catch myself nearly leaving the house in all black (coat, sweater, skirt, tights, bag and shoes) so i went in and changed the shoes to leopard print. I love the combo. I need to invest in some nice scarves that will compliment my black outfits because i dont see this mood lifting any time soon!


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