Luscious cashmere colour from Begg & co

Adding some luscious colour in every day dressing, can provide an instant mood boost. And  lift us all from the deepest of Brexit doom of the tumbling Great British  pound.

I don’t know about you, but My own wardrobe is full of neutrals. Tasteful, hard working  basics, in the best of yarns and fabrics. Navy, 59 shades of gray, black and a touch of cream. Oh and beige(s). Did I mention beige, caramel, chocolates and associates? I have some of those too, and don’t regret it because every wardrobe needs a strong, solid foundation. Plus, most of the time I need to dress in the dark, so complex colour coordination is out of the question.

Where is the fun though? The frivolity and that devil may care attitude? A much needed injection of colour came in the guise of a cashmere scarf from Begg & Co. The colours are so rich, the shades are so beautiful and the textures dear god, so satisfying! All in capable hands. If you are looking for a perfect hue, or an elusive divine shade, you need look no further. Quality is amazing and will statisfy the most demanding among us. Not to mention keep us warm. Last years coat gets a new lease of life, add a fresh pair of gloves and ready to go do battle against the Borgias.

I first stumbled upon Begg & Co, whilst searching for a new throw to breath new life in my new living room. (My London flat refurbishment is going – ahem – very well, thank you so much, for asking. It may even finish by the time Iain Duncan Smith works out Brexit details, but let us not Get bogged down in micro managing.)

Begg & Co 150th anniversary celebrations. We have taken the Begg & Co heritage cashmere shades and put a new spin on them by re-weaving the colours into a new contemporary Scottish palette … a palette which celebrates Begg’s 150 years and sense of place within an ever changing Scottish landscape. We will release a special collection of 150 new cashmere colours in a variety of signature weights from our Arran oyster ripple finish to our super lightweight Wispy.



What better way to add instant colour and texture to the autumn wardrobes?


Begg & Co 150th anniversary celebrations.

© Ladysarahinlondon

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6 thoughts on “Classic solutions: Adding colour to the autumn/winter wardrobe

  1. Fiona G

    Beautiful colours lady Sarah. Never heard of this Begg & Co till now – but sure to check them out. thanks to your great blog, I am transforming my closet with great colour and excellent quality. Buy less and buy better is my new mantra!☺️Thank you again for are fun read.

  2. Virginia

    I do love navy and grey for my neutrals, but my weakness for color trumps all! Those scarves in blues, pinks, reds and purples ❤ Yes please, one of each 😄

  3. dottoressa

    I am sure that your beautiful,new flat would be ready very soon!
    And what a discovery-the colours are breathtaking beautiful,all 150 of them!
    My neutrals are pretty the same as yours and scarfs are here to add the spice (except during the summer when I go mad about colour, from time to time-rarely,but still),beside all the shades of beige,greige,ice etc.
    My last scarf purchases were Rosebud Cherry from N. Peal, navy polka dot from Eric Bompard and something like blue-grey ice from F. Sarti( during one year). I love scarfs a lot 🙂
    You always find great things,dear LS!


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