Nearly 70 years later, the CHANEL jacket is still fashion relevant and highly desirable.

There are only a handful of fashion items that have stood the test of time, the way the CHANEL jacket has. It’s amazing how almost everything in this photo could still be wearable today without a hint of nostalgia.

Soft, unstructured clothes were mademoiselle Chanel’s speciality, who catered for the modern woman of her time.

Do you share Chanel’s design philosophy that “clothes should be elegant, comfortable, and easy to move in.”?

I am in the process of clearing and reorganising my own wardrobe, I find reaching for my CHANEL jackets year after year. As well as a good handbag, a perfect fit jacket or coat is another key item to secure success in the small wardrobe.

To bring everything up to date, this season, will be accessorising with some nutty, block heels in velvet. Stay tuned, the builders who are destroying my flat, are also in charge of a custom made shoe cabinet. It will house 12 pairs of shoes, and that’s it. That will be my limit of shoe allocation year round!

For the upcoming season, I will also be looking to add another CHANEL jacket (or cardigan) in my collection. I have to be creative with money and selective about potential purchases, since my budget is fairly miniscule for CHANEL, my flat is swallowing up gold coins, at a most alarming rate.

What are your plans for Autumn wardrobe additions?

Dream pink chanel

Non chalant way to wear your chanel




© Ladysarahinlondon

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22 thoughts on “Lookbook: CHANEL jacket & the search of a timeless wardrobe.

  1. dottoressa

    Pure perfection….
    About the shoes cabinet and twelve pairs……have you heard about shoe boxes ,somewhere out of sight 😉
    For the autumn: I have block heeled mary janes in navy suede,so…..I have no plans to buy anything. Only if a perfect navy coat would cross my path….
    I wish you all the best with the flat renovation!

      1. dottoressa

        Sorry,I was thinking about 12 pairs (it really is not so much at all) AND some extra shoes in boxes 🙂
        Thank you for good wishes 🙂

  2. Susan

    The collection of Chanel jackets in this post are most impressive. I especially like the two longer jackets, only because many of my jackets are waist length. Elegant, comfortable and easy to move in clothing is very sound criteria. How many times have we seen someone that wears very tight clothing? Truly not an attractive look and the message sent…well? Your new closet sounds outstanding. Designated space for shoes keeps things organized and makes shoe to outfit selection easy. I am sure you are looking forward to the renovation completion date. Looking forward to seeing your new Chanel jacket or cardigan!
    Susan .

  3. Pret A Porter P

    clothes should be elegant, comfortable, and easy to move in. = Rick Owens to me.
    Chanel jackets, in my limited experience, beautiful in theory but a pain the azz to own. I just sold mine.

      1. Pret A Porter P

        it seems I don’t have a “Chanel jacket life.” Every time I wore that damn thing the Xerox machine would break–so imagine having to dismantle the insides of that wearing a Chanel jacket. Another time someone complimented it while rubbing her cheeto fingers on my shoulder. The zipper broke the 1st time I wore it, and I weigh less than most 12 years old. And it’s also too hot where I live to wear all that. Ultimately, like cashmere, it’s just a pain in the azz to own/maintain and not practical and adds no value to my life personally. And the person I sold it to who was raising red flags from the beginning returned it to me. Now I have to sell this again! I’m sorry to kill anyone’s dream but it seems mine came with quite the curse! I had a f21 knock off 10 years ago, that I liked more.

      2. lady sarah in london Post author

        I feel your pain. I wrote a blog post a while ago about buying clothes suitable for climate/real life. Feel free to post a photo of it – maybe a reader from a colder place would like to place an offer?

  4. Soula

    I would kill for a little black chanel number. 🙂 add THE bag and we are good to go.Great eye candy on this blog…

  5. Cressida L

    Thank you for the inspiration! wonderful. CHANEL jackets are quite out of my price range, but I would consider saving up for one. Fiona Bruce wears hers with such panache.

  6. Archana Paladugu

    There is a book on these jackets. It says that these jackets are tailored to go up or down two sizes. Thats something !

    These jackets are not my style. But the gray re-issue in one the photographs stole my heart.

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Yes they were always supposed to be long term purchases, so if your weight fluctuated they could be adjusted for perfect fit. I agree though that they are a very specific look and won’t fit with everyone’s lifestyle/aesthetic.

  7. Antonia

    I have the exact jacket that Kate Moss is wearing in the photo above. I recently got it pre-owned and have been waiting for the cooler weather so I cannot wait to wear it. I plan to wear it at least once a week to get my money’s worth!! I’m addicted to (pre owned) Chanel jackets as I cannot afford brand new. I’m happy though, it’s like a treasure hunt! Thanks for another great article Lady Sarah!!! 🙂

  8. Ellie

    “clothes should be elegant, comfortable, and easy to move in” could not agree more dear Sarah.

    Even though I love the look of classic Chanel jackets, they don’t love me back. I think they look best on skinnier more waif like figures. For those with a generous bust like me not so good, they can make us look boxy and matronly. 😦

  9. mochachoc

    “…they can make us look boxy and matronly.” Indeed. You also have to be careful once you hit a certain age otherwise you look like your grandma. The shape, tweed and pearls = frump in my book unless you’re very slim, long legged and torso.

    1. Fiona G

      very true – on the wrong person they do look awful. but then again everything looks better on the the young and slim. 😉


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