mansur gabriel
Seriously tempted by this pink Mansur Gavriel tote

Back from Paris and I can confirm the death of the IT bag mentality. Or seriously ailing at the very least. Good quality clothes will (thankfully) yet again, get the prominent position they deserve. It will no longer be all about accessories, expensive hand bags, and (God save us) cheap, sweat shop, fast fashion.
Discreet enough to be a classic, this a lovely tote in a deep rose pink, and comes with strap and a practical zipped compartment. Not quite as well made as a Hermes kelly of course, (anyone interested in my black box Kelly 32 get in touch), but a good bag none the less, to last a few seasons.  At £895 it’s not cheap though, so definitely one of those investment purchases. On the other hand, a vintage black box Hermes kelly bag may cost a little more, but will last for many more years looking the epitome of chic. Don’t you think?

My bathroom renovation is going well, thank you to Everyone who asked. It’s a lovely shade of pink, ( not as deep as the bag) it’s got ample, hidden storage, heated towel rails and gleaming mirrors. My LSH (long suffering husband,  is holding the builders into a death lock, and is getting them to re-do some of the crooked tiling and straighter up the sockets. What is it with electricians and crooked sockets?

What is it for you? Mansur Gavriel or hermrs Kelly?

What is it for you? Mansur Gavriel or Hermes Kelly?

© Ladysarahinlondon

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8 thoughts on “The death of the IT bag?

  1. dottoressa

    So happy to hear that your beautiful bathroom would be ready soon-nice shade of pink could be both classic and modern,depending to accessories :-). I like it
    I like this M. Gavriel bag,too. Very classic with just a little twist. The colour is lovely,basic actually,it could go with almost everything:brown and navy (beautiful!),black,beige,white….you name it!
    I love bag in color, from time to time,but basic black is a must,forever!
    Have a nice weekend

      1. dottoressa

        Yes,I’ve forgotten! Please ,taka the poor bag for a walk now and than!
        I’ve never had a pink bag (red,orange,even yellow once,as summer bags)

  2. SA.

    I am glad to hear the bathroom renovations are going well. MG started doing suede sandals too this year, mostly in the same colors as the bag. I was not a big fan of their bucket bags, but that tote bag looks great. If only, I din’t have to carry a laptop everyday!

  3. Monica

    I have one of their black medium-sized bucket bags and I love it. Pink may be a bit impractical but I think their more demure-colored bags are a decent investment, and they’re not nearly as expensive as the Hermes and Chanels of the world.

    Good on you for resisting, though. 😉

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Thank you so much Martina, I emailed you actually but I am afraid that particularl Kelly has now moved on. We gave priority to a fellow Londoner. There will be more interesting items to be rehomed, every so often…


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