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I’ve known about this Paris trip for a while now, what I hadn’t factored in was the upheaval and builders still in the London flat.
Most of my valued possessions are in storage, and I am having to cope with a very limited wardrobe. You’d be amazed how little one actually needs to dress well and how much surplus, random items we have.

Paris is Paris though and I do feel a little vulnerable without my wardrobe armour, so I emailed my husband a list of clothes to bring back. These included, several outfits for work, meetings and a slightly more glam ensemble (but still low key) for evening drinks and restaurants.
My husband took the list, completely ignored it, and brought back a random assortment of clothes he likes to see me in. “What is this?” I said holding my green tweed Chanel skirt. “It’s your vintage Skirt” he said. “You look great in it and I’d like to see you wearing skirts that shape more often…”

That’s an excellent sentiment, very flattered, but Paris is currently too hot for tweed and he brought me nothing to wear the green skirt with. Remember skirts always look their best with something on top. Correct underwear plays a part too, let’s not forget the right bra under the sheer silk shirt. (Black bra, white silk)

So now I am wandering the streets of Paris to find one or two key pieces to complete the puzzle. There you go, I guess that’s how we should be shopping and dressing.

Paris Bon marche
Perfect dress
notes: the key to dressing well is not constant shopping or having a lot of clothes. It’s having a list of occasions and then choosing the right clothes for them.

Packing list for Paris hotel
Swimming costume
Terry cloth gown (hotel provided)
Slippers (hotel provided)

Silk shirt
Dark denim
Cocktail ring
Or Chanel twinset
Block heels
Green tweed skirt
Cashmere top to complete the ensemble

Breakfast outfit:
Flat slip ons in velvet or ballerinas
Ankle length trousers
RosePink linen top

Waking in the city outfit/ lunch
Hot weather: silk ankle length culottes
Cooler weather: dark denim
Shoes need to be chunky heels and well tested in advance.
(Paris is a walking city comfort is everything. Sloppiness though will get you turned away from chic restaurants)
Linen/ silk or cashmere top to suit weather conditions

Hermes cuffs for me or anything vintage and unique
Pearls finish an outfit well- they don’t have to be real or expensive, just avoid anything too plasticky.
Longchamp pliage or cross body bag
scarf nothing beats faliero Sarti in my book. But these things are very personal.
Good socks! And plenty of them to change twice a day if need be.

Smart suits are in, but they need to fit really well. Invest in some tailored alterations
A grey Celine, or navy Max Mara or flamboyant vintage coat
Block heels (shoes are one area we can go a bit wild, Pom poms, glitter, contrasting heel anything goes, provided the ensemble is sombre on top)

Chanel sept 2016 Bon marche

Chanel pearls
Chanel wallet on chain

Do share your tips!

© Ladysarahinlondon

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9 thoughts on “The art of looking tres chic when living out of a suitcase. (or the secret to a beautiful, small wardrobe)

  1. dottoressa

    Men! But,I have to say two things for the defence:
    -LSH notices both your favourites as well as you wearing them (and knows how to compliment)
    -this could be a suggestion to buy something new in Paris-what is here not to love?

    Your list is very well edited,you’re a pro:-)
    It is very similar to mine,I have only some alteration :
    Silk jersey dress(summer, or with cardi, a/s)
    Cashmere dress with silk scarf or/and pearls in cold season
    (I was never a dress person but lately started to wear them a lot-have one similar to greige one on the display,mine is dark grey cool wool)),or maybe a silk skirt with cashmere turtleneck
    I wear the same outfit for breakfast as for sightseeing
    Pretty same as yours (jeans or silk trousers,in winter velvet trousers),but for walking I wear sneakers (silver leather Nike) or ankle boots.
    If layers are needed-white t shirt,v-neck or cardi
    In winter-turtleneck
    Scarf is something I wear on daily basis-this summer it was polka dot navy Marella,dove grey linen Marc’O Polo, some Burberrys,gavroche silk Croata and F. Sarti.
    (I have to buy bigger pearls necklace for turtlenecks!)
    Although I prefer sand trenchs and camel coats (I take them from time to time,but travel doesn’t suit them well) ,I usually take black Max Mara, navy Burberry or grey trench (scarfs are here for colours)
    Ankle black patent or suede boots have to be for evenings as well. During summer -sandals
    Hope,you’re still enjoying in Paris

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Thank you – great imput here. I also wear more or less, the same outfit for breakfast and going for the morning city excursion. Except for shoes- very particular about shoes. I like a delicate pair of velvet or satin slip on shoes for early morning, rather than my heavy stomping walking boots I wear later. 😃

  2. Virginia

    Dear Lady Sarah, what a great post! Thank you for the shopping photos of Paris 😄. And how fortunate that dear LSH underpacked for you, perhaps a new navy silk blouse to go with the green tweed skirt? Your navy and green combos are lovely, and a green Kelly or navy reissue would go perfect!

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Virginia darling! ❤️How lovely to hear from you! do share your packing tips please. What bag do you like to carry? Colours? Basics?😊 I had no idea you like the Paris shopping shots, I can get more for you…

  3. Archana Paladugu

    My husband does that too. I put away a declutter pile and he sneaks in things he likes, back on to my hangers. When we go to dinner, he plays stylist. Men !

    The trench in the first photograph looks incredible. I love your window shopping I get to do on your blog.

  4. Susan

    I am sure you can supplement your wardrobe in Paris. What an opportunity! I hope your builder is making good progress against his timeline and has only good news for you on Wednesday.. Susan

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