Lady Beatrice in bed.

Lady Beatrice was not amused.

She is fond of routine, order and method. Why are these strange, gangly men even allowed into the house. And – quelle horreur- why are they using ‘hammers to destroy the place’? The noise, the mess, the dust the smells… It’s all too much.

Lady Beatrice, testing the freshly laundered bedlinen.

Lady Beatrice, testing the freshly laundered bedlinen.

So we packed her bags and send her off to stay with my mother. Frankly I’d do the same if I could, but One has to stay close to supervise the works. During the week at least. Cats are sensitive creatures and Lady Beatrice is fastidious and has particularly aristocratic tendencies.

My previous cat, (also a rescue from Battersea) was in fact fearless. A loveable black & white tuxedo short hair, so very similar looks to lady Beatrice. My god though, her personality could not have been more different! She could have builders and scaffolders for breakfast! And she often did! I’ll never forget how I used to find her in the morning, blocking the hall way and demanding the builders stopped whatever (little) work they were doing, sit on the steps and pat her head adoringly. No amount of stomping or hob nail boots could put her off. She was not afraid of dogs, she even chased a fox away once…oh and I mention she had no teeth? It was all a front which just goes to show… Never show fear to your enemies, attack, attack attack…’

The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.’

As things are, lady Beatrice is safely confined in her quarters away from the ugliness of building work. As it should be.

Tips or stories about keeping your cats safe during Renovations?

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Do you mind? Trying to get some peace & quiet here..

Do you mind? Trying to get some peace & quiet here..

5 thoughts on “Lady Beatrice during the London flat renovation. (or what to do, when the builders come round to destroy the place)

  1. Antonia

    I don’t have any tips to share but just writing to say Lady B is such a cutie! Hopefully she won’t be away for too long! Good luck with your renovations. Please share some before/after pics when all is said and done. Best of luck!

  2. dottoressa

    Oh dear,isn’t she a cutie?
    Poor Lady Beatrice,so good for her to be saved during the war on domestic front,dust,vibration and noise are to much (btw. Did you know that his son was with our partisans on croatian island of Vis shortly during the ww ii?)
    My cat was very wild,hunter and the wolf,he showed even his love with his claws (dogs destroyed his whole family before he was saved-what a horrible experience)- and he loved to wander,it was impossible to stop him,so he simply left in the morning and waited for workers to go home. He showed us what to do,clever cat,but one has to be near and superwise

  3. missfrankiecat

    I love to see Lady Bea’s sweet little face – she has a lovely facial expression. I think you do the right thing to let her have a little holiday with relatives while so much upheaval is going on – cats just don’t cope well with invaders in their environment.

  4. DN in NYC

    Thank you for this update! I am glad you were able to plan an escape for LB. The photos are lovely and really show her personality. Hope you will be reunited with her on schedule!


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