English house
Up to my eyeballs in packing and redecorating, (some may even say rebuilding) the London flat.

Wardrobe evaluation
Surrounded by mayhem seems to be the perfect time to have a wardrobe evaluation. Accompanied by the mother of all declutters. Sending a couple of pieces, of good old furniture to be auctioned. That’s the advantage of buying good antiques – when you tire of them you can sell them, rather than have to pay someone to take them away.

Looking at my wardrobe, I have a confession to make. Unlike many bloggers, I do not own any Valentino rock studs, no Gucci disco bag, and no Hermes birkin bag. In fact my wardrobe doesn’t even have a classic Balenciaga leather jacket and (sadly) not even a good pair of Lanvin ballerina flats.
I am secretly rather pleased about that, because an individual wardrobe, devoid of everyone else’s ‘must haves’, is the first step to personal style.

Personal style notes
I have nothing against the items listed per se, (in fact I really really like Lanvin, and envy those with slim ankles who wear them so well) but made a conscious decision they have no place in my wardrobe. Those items, either they don’t suit me or don’t suit my lifestyle. I love the look of leather jackets, but I find them too heavy to wear walking around London, I shriek in horror, when I see Valentino rock studs and really cannot bring myself to spend on a birkin bag, what is essentially the cost of a hand made sofa.
Discernment is the first step to liberation people, the first step…knowing what we like and what we can use.

How many vintage Kelly bags does a girl need?
Now I have to decide how many vintage Kelly bags does a girl really need? Are they just taking space in my wardrobe or do they earn their keep. There is a black box retourner in 32, (soooo useful and casual, goes with everything right?) an ancient pigskin 28 (that’s a grand old dame, should I allow her to spend her last days with me or should she go?) a green sellier, (sooo beautiful but so – well- green)…I really have to make space as one thing the redecoration won’t do is make the London flat bigger…

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30 thoughts on “Personal style: wardrobe & lifestyle evaluation #1

  1. Antonia

    I can’t afford to splurge on Valentino Rockstuds but I actually just bought a ‘copycat style’ today at Nordstrom Rack for only $40USD. They are Halogen (a Nordstrom brand) and they are a blush pink/nude color and surprisingly comfortable! I suppose you could sell your least favorite Kelly as long as you don’t get sellers remorse!! Good luck with your decision and your redecorating LS!! 🙂

  2. Susan

    Personal style is key. Especially when you know exactly what it is. As you state, what works for one does not always work for everyone. I agree entirely – de-cluttering and organization is important. I especially like closet organization systems (custom built-ins). It is amazing what a good architect can do to maximize space to accommodate your lifestyle and needs. Very impressive – sounds like you are not only remodeling your flat but also redecorating!

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Thank you Susan you are very kind, at the moment everything looks horrific, not impressive at all. 😃 I did splash out on custom built in wardrobe- as you say they make all the difference. But I still like space,

  3. Mary

    I really admire your personal style. You know what works for you, don’t stray and always look very lovely. I am all over the place, bohemian one day and preppy the next. I wish I could stick to one style. I can, however, fit all of my clothes in one closet so I don’t feel so bad. I am remodeling my home too and I am ready to pull my hair out. It won’t stop raining so everyone is behind schedule. I am hoping it is complete before Christmas.

  4. Sue

    I know it is difficult to imagine calm and order ever again, when you are in the midst of building work, but please do not sell your Kellys lightly. They are perfect and perfectly you, especially the divine green one, and I am sure you would regret it.

  5. couldashouldawoulda9

    Get whatever done when your builders are there bc I broke the get stuff done within 6 months of start of build and I have soooooooooo many touch up jobs and now I am beyond caring anymore. But the last reno made me a minimalist hoarder. I wear 1% of my wardrobe but having said that I enjoy opening my scarf drawer and rearranging them. Selling your kellys? remember there is seller’s remorse and not just the buying kind. Each one of your bags have a specific use and get lots of wear. Green is spectacular and good bags are harder to get even on the vintage market. If anything between the 28 pig or green I say if you have to – don’t sell the green!

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Don’t you just hate ‘snugging’ ? Kind of perpetual snugging. Did you pay fully yours or do you withhold the final instalment till they complete? I don’t have to sell anything per se, but I like to refresh my look and make room for potential Kellys. Maybe I will sell the retourner… That will force me to use the green one.

      1. couldashouldawoulda9

        final instalment only when you are done but sad fact is unless you are a regular client – they can’t be bothered with the snag list it is not uncommon they can’t be bothered to chase it up either. that is why i am beholden to my builders who i have a love hate codependent relationship with.

  6. dottoressa

    In a horror of rebuilding good thing is decluttering:-)
    And a custom built-in wardrobe-I like it!
    I love your Kellys- and your style-if you want something new ,why not buy first and than sell,if it is your decision indeed?

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      I am getting rid of lots of things, books, magazines, ornaments as well as some furniture. Because I have to pack everything I thought I may as well clear out and make space for new beginnings. Unwise?

  7. Nicola

    It sounds very wise to me: one always needs room to grow. If you’re really in two minds about disposing of anything, could you put it in storage for six months or so? At the end of that time you’ll either be desperate to get the items(s) back, or you won’t have missed them at all – in which case getting rid is definitely the right option!

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Good idea actually, I think definitely selling the furniture though, as I I have too much and quite fancy the space. It’s very easy I just phone the auction house they visit give a valuation and then take things away. I’ve done it before and they are usually spot on.

  8. Archana Paladugu

    I am saving the rockstuds for when i turn 45. Think they would look great on older women who dress in classics and neutrals.

    Just like we need a must-have list, we need a dont-like list too. Keeps us from swerving and over buying.

    1. FrankJ

      only older women wear the rockstuds where I live. and everyone and their mother has a leather jacket now. its kind of a suburban uniform.

    1. mochachoc

      That was a depressing read. The problem is clear: over production of poor quality garments, i.e fast fashion. I have a few old cashmere cardigans which have been darned many times at the elbow’s. It’s an antiquated practice sniffed at by most today. But try darning knitwear produced by the likes of Zara et. al. Not going to happen. I know I’m preaching to the choir here but those culprits really are hypocritical when they are largely responsible for this mess. And it isn’t just clothing.

  9. Aria

    Do not sell your Kelly bags Sarah. They are becoming increasingly harder to find and the green one is virtually irreplaceable. If you must let one go, you should sell one of the two black ones.

  10. Martina B

    Hope is all going well for you dear lady Sarah. I know the pain of renovation. Don’t rush into any decisions about selling your kelly. Surely they don’t take that much room! wait till there is law and order and review.

  11. Susan

    When looking for more space…I have to share…when renovating, I discovered that walls have width and you can build a tall flush closet in to the wall (floor to ceiling, if you like). The shelves will be 5-6 inches in width and can be placed as you like. I put in tall doors, three on the top and three on the bottom. This adds storage space and provides good organization. .

  12. Monica

    I will be happy to take that green Kelly off your hands! I let a green leather bag slip through my fingers once and have always regretted it.

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  14. SA.

    I related so much to this post! Valentino Rockstuds, Balenciaga bags and Leather jackets have been on my ‘No No List’ for a while. They don’t work with my lifestyle and they don’t look good on me. Especially leather jackets feel so heavy and unnecessary in the desert I live in. We are all routing for you Lady Sarah! We hope you see light at the end of the ‘Rebuild and Redecorate’ tunnel very soon! 🙂


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