Eating to beat stress

This is a really quick, easy lunch, bursting with colour – well packed with anti-stress nutrients.

Friends would know, that I am not the right person to come to for cooking tips. Nonetheless, no matter how inept, we should all be able to prepare some easy, healthy meals. They need to be tempting and tasty to help us get through life’s trials and tribulations and remain trim – right? This is a great lunch for those days when overrun by work, the Borgias, the Brexiteers and possibly the in laws.

I was horrified the other day reading that the government is not wholly supporting the anti obesity measures and taxes. This may well come to bite us, in years to come.

My stress levels hit the roof,(literally it’s stress about the roof and renovation) and I won’t even mention article 50 and the ridiculousness of the whole Brexit thing…

It may seem tempting to find solace in a well frosted cup cake, but a well balanced meal can leave us better prepared to face life’s trials and tribulations.

Hallumi (pay to get the real thing made with goats and sheeps milk, not cows)
Pea shoot & herb leaf mix (from waitrose, make sure the leaves are fresh and washed in spring water)
Small pre cooked beetroot sliced thin
Small yellow and red peppers.
Good (cold pressed) olive oil

Quickly pan fry hallumi and small peppers, turning twice. Once cooked add to a plate of salad leaves with chopped up beetroot! Dash of olive oil. Sit down and enjoy. Complete the experience with a divine cup of tea.

Your favourite anti-stress meal is…

The fight against evil must go on, please make a small donation to save the elephant from extinction. Whatever you can give makes a difference.

© Ladysarahinlondon

12 thoughts on “London living tip: healthy eating to beat stress

  1. Nicola

    How right you are! I have learnt the hard way that the effects of work Borgias can never be countered with cake and chocolate: quite apart from anything else, it’s impossible to feel in control when one’s best work outfit is rather too snug…

  2. dottoressa

    This is so yummy-I’m going to try it
    Frankly,my answer is-chocolate,dark with orange zest :-)-always welcome!
    But I try to eat very healthy all the time-this summer’s favourite is greek salad with feta cheese,cherry tomatoes,sliced cucumber,onion,black olives and best olive oil.
    Or tabbouleh salad!
    Best luck with all the enemies 🙂

  3. missfrankiecat

    I find chickpeas to be a stress-busting food. I like to make by own hummus adding tahini, olive oil, lemon, garlic and any fresh herbs. Whizz in the food processor and eat with crudités for balance or pitta for comfort.

  4. Steve Morris

    Looks yummy! As you know, I am also a health food nut, but I don’t agree with the so-called sugar tax or sugar ban suggestions. Singling out specific ingredients to ban can have catastrophic unintended consequences. For example, when saturated fat was singled-out, manufacturers started to increase levels of corn syrup, starch, omega-6 fatty acids and hydrogenated fats in their foods. Many dietitians speculate that this contributed greatly to the obesity epidemic. The most likely effect of a sugar tax would be a switch by food manufacturers to synthetic sweeteners.The long-term effects of these are not known.

    The real issue I think is encouraging people to take an interest in what they eat, and helping them to understand health decisions. For example, did you know that most fruit juices contain more fructose than coke?

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Generally overprocessed food contributed to obesity and disease, since it’s empty calories with little nutritional value. I support a levy taxi both on sugar and artificial sweeteners. After all, someone will have to pay sooner or later in NHS costs. Also I don’t view them as “treats”, most are just disgusting chemical stuff, so it is a matter of training the taste buds to reject that s***t😱

  5. Archana Paladugu

    My anti stress meal is rice and lentils. It’s an Indian thing perhaps ? it’s sort of comfort food. Put lentils, tomato and spinach in a pressure cooker and give it 4 whistles. And you are done. Top it with ghee.

  6. FrankJ

    Just found your amazing blog! reads like a novel with tons of fascinating tit- bits. Good luck with vanguishing the borgias and thank you!

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Thank you FrankJ- it is an enjoyable blog, fun for me to write too. The main reason behind it is to raise awareness (and funds) to Save the Elephant charities. If you like it, spread the word….😃


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