The end of an era people – the end of an era.

Perhaps not quite as dramatic as Brexit, but did you know  the Colefax showroon in Mayfair is abandoning the divine Brook Street? The showroom is located in what could be described as a beautifully preserved Queen Anne building, with the most delightful ever-changing interiors ever seen. And a gorgeous inner courtyard, mature garden my friends, bang in the middle of Central London.

People always ask me how to train the ‘eye’ for fashion, colour or interiors. The answer is actually very simple, though not always accessible. Look at the very best. To understand fashion look at the clothes of top designers. For interiors, few can beat The Colefax showroom, packed with antiques and beautiful fabrics in delightfully put together room sets.

Places like the Colefax showroom, are getting rarer and rarer. The building is quite the gem- technically no alterations are allowed to the charming Queen Anne house, since it has ‘listed’ status. In reality, unscrupulous developers are fairly unstoppable, so heaven knows what may happen should it fall into the wrong hands and if the council is not vigilant.

We also live in a “listed‘ building and and own renovations, albeit more modest, have to abide by rules and regulations. So that I don’t go insane, vewing this as an opportunity to clear my wardrobe of rarely used items and create space and comfort.
Also up to my eyeballs, trying to decide on the lighting of the flat. This Not simply choosing suitable light fittings, but correct number of lights, strength, height and positioning. Lighting is often underrated, but it can make or break the interiors. Too bright and the ambiance is gone, dark and it can be creepy…Since this is about the wiring and electrics it has to be decided early on. Any tips?








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7 thoughts on “Interiors: London showroom ( the art of light)

  1. mochachoc

    No suggestions I’m afraid but those visible seams on the lamp shades make me wince.

    Colefax interiors equals divine in my book.

  2. dottoressa

    So sad,isn’t it? I have always thought that some heritage buildings,stores and places are well protected in UK (Midsumer series influences,I’m afraid :-)),but visiting often during last couple of years, I was surprised
    About light:it was the most important and the hardest part to decide for me. After a lot of consultations and google-ing,I am not very pleased (it seems that very few light specialist and artist ( to pay in gold) know to do what I wanted and this was too small job for them. And everyone seemed to have different advice for the color temperature (from yellow to bluish end of the scale)-the quality of light
    After miles of wires in walls and ceilings, I still use my standing and table lamps for the athmosphere.
    See: ” c|net
    Light bulb buying guide” (and some links from there)-maybe it could be useful

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Thank you for that. If you have any links please share. As you say it’s very hard to get reliable info, plus I find it hard to source attractive affordable lights. I had some antiques rewired- you would not believe the pain I had to go through… 😳

  3. Diane Fabritius

    Dear Lady Sarah, I am so thankful you posted about the wonderful Colefax and Fowler location. I visited there twice, both times with my young daughter. I wanted her to see real English decor. The staff were beyond gracious, I bought some small things I could pop in my suitcase to bring back to the states. I was treated with such respect, as though I was an important client spending lots of money. The best of English culture. the history of the location, Nancy and John, etc. Now they will be in a commercial location with all the other to-the-trade places. That was the charm of Brook Street, anyone was treated with care, not just the large clients and designers. Glad to have known this place in its heyday.

  4. sherry

    love this post- think you sarah. I am in london this week, do you think I can visit or do we need to make an appointment?


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