Travelling in style: review- The George Hotel, Edinburgh

The George is a bit of city landmark, enviable position and impressive period facade.

The lobby
We were ushered into a spacious and airy lobby- everything beautifully designed. The check in desk in the shape of oversized travelling trunks, comfortable armchairs, fireplaces and welcoming touches abound. Welcoming staff, in traditional costume.

The bedrooms
This is where it can go very wrong. There is a 1970s extension euphemistically named North Wing. Enticingly named room such as ‘The Rose Suite’. In actual fact, standard rooms can be on the dingy side and really tiny. I very rarely recommend paying for superior rooms or suites, but in this case the standard ‘classic’ rooms are poor value and outrageously small. Hapless hotel guests, can leave bruised from constantly bumbing into things, -irritating!

Even the ‘townhouse’ rooms, the grandly named suites, in the old listed wing, can be cramped and stuffy, (they are all different) some with no space for even a single armchair! Regrettably, I found the photos in the hotel website were intentionally misleading, since they present a somewhat fictional, much bigger, cosy room with a comfy sofa nesting by the bed! Disappointing!

Having said that the bed is divinely comfortable. There was  lovely crisp bed linen and the perfect pillow selection. Complementary still & sparkling water, as well as real fresh milk in the fridge. There are Tea & coffee facilities and biscuits, in case we got peckish. The decor was really very attractive and quite stylish.

These vary in size but all are newly refurbished and spotlessly clean. Generously sized, complimentary toiletries from Neals Yard. Lovely & organic! The usual plush towels and heated towel rail come as standard. The more expensive rooms offer complimentary slippers and dressing gowns.

In previous visits, Breakfast used to be served in the old grand ball room. Sadly- not any more! The ball room is now reserved for weddings and other hired events, (presumably to maximise revenue) Breakfast (which is on the expensive side) is now served in the old printing room. The room had a somewhat depressing, industrialised, factory feel, rather than period, Victorian grandeur. Not recommended! The local wetherspoon, across the road, will provide similar experience, (if not better) for a fraction of the cost.


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7 thoughts on “Travelling in style: review – The George Hotel, Edinburgh

  1. sherry

    Amazing looking place – thank you for the honest review, s0 very refreshing. Nowadays everything is about affiliated links and sponsored content.

  2. dottoressa

    Thank you-it looks great. Sincere and personal evaluatuation is so valuable today.
    I usually stayed at Grange Holborn Hotel in London-it is nice ordinary hotel I have chosen because of location (near British Museum and Russel Square-Bloomsbury is my favourite part of London- and price range ( for the graduation in summer, prices were pretty high,of course,but during the year it was reasonable)I had executive room with plenty of space (and ,during the winter, double room as single). It had tea nad coffee facilities. Bathroom was clean and spacious,with the bathtub-I prefer when shower hose and head are not fixed,so it was perfect. With a lot of complimentary toiletries (not something fancy-I have sensible skin and it was fine).
    Personnel were helpful and nice.
    Breakfast was very good,with lot of fruits ( not everywhere available) and I could order (very good )espresso from the early morning,with my breakfast.
    It has a pool (didn’t try) and the wellness,I think.
    In London there are a couple of beautiful hotels I would like to stay in- but this one was just fine

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Thank you very much for the imput, is so good to get first hand recommendations. And many thanks again for the Grand hotel 4 opatijska cvijeta and the other recs! So hard to find.👍

  3. adguru101

    This gave me a flashback to our stay there a few years ago. Your assessment is spot on!
    Edinburgh used to be one of my favorite cities but all the construction has made it less appealing, especially in summer if you’re there for the festival.


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