Holiday time -at last! All packed and on our way…

Catching the train for our summer break. This year we decided to take a holiday in the UK. I hope all those fierce nationalists, who voted for Brexit  – are doing the same and supporting our turf. We shall have less of those inexpensive holidays in the sun, (tumbling pound anyone?) and we shall be paying more and staying in the UK. Well, I won’t be missing the ‘bargain’ flights.

Train travel
Ive always loved train travel, more ecological and easier on the body. (you would not believe what flying does to our inside, it’s horrific!) First class train tickets are comparatively inexpensive. Either book far in advance, or very last minute.
We got on a ‘quiet’ coach and spread out. Do you realise that on trains we can actually stretch? Get up and walk about? There is even an ever changing view from the window! No need to seek entertainment by sinking on our screens, just look outside.) I usually pack some fresh fruit for longer train journeys, but there was no need. Healthy choices were plentiful and included in the price of the first class ticket.

This is a longer trip which means, there is complimentary hot food to look forward to. Yeyyy! Delicious! And constant offers of wine, tea, coffee and biscuits. All very comfortable and civilised.

As always, it’s nice  to travel light. Consolidate my luggage into one easily manoeuvrable wheelie suitcase and a hand held travel handbag. Despite my *ahem*, rather extensive bag collection,  the humble longchamp seems to win hands down for most travel needs. Easy and inexpensive.

victoria beckham 080509

Traveling in style ! What’s your traveling style? Mandatory Credit:

What happens to the body during a long haul flight.Best tips for flights

Check out my club class British Airways experience...

Check out my club class British Airways experience…

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6 thoughts on “First class travel know-how

  1. dottoressa

    What a wonderful polka dot trench!
    Your train travel is really in style-so civilized and so modern/traditional at the same time
    I loved train travels ,too,and some of them were pretty nice. Last time it was some 12 years ago,to Opatija,our oldest turist destination,full of beautifull old villas and old hotels. My family spent winter holidays and New Years Eve there
    I always dreamed of some luxury Orient express experience (without a murder)!
    Love all the possibilities you have in your train
    I love to travel with bus,too, but never did find some luxurious version-with a lot of space,spacious rest room. A view from the window- you learn more about the countries
    Thank you so much about air travel -informations. I’ve got a nasty flu in january- I took the mask but was a little ashamed to wear it from the beginning and it was already too late when I put it on,some five minutes later
    Have a wonderful holidays,dear Lady Sarah!
    And please write about it 🙂

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      I had a look at Opatija and it looks absolutely amazing! Exactly my dream place to visit, how come I’d never heard of it till now? I was looking at a beautiful old villa offering thalassotherapy. Do you know anything about it?
      I also dream of orient express – and I don’t even mind the murder…😃

      1. dottoressa

        When you first mentioned that you like to visit Croatia I was thinking what would you really like and Opatija crossed my mind as first choice (among others were f.e. Rovinj in Istra or the Island Mali Losinj. And,of course,Dubrovnik as too obvious choice,it is more than beautiful,but you have to visit out of season- too many people now!)
        I love Opatija very much,I spent there lot of time as a child and later ,on conferences.
        Last time I was in an old villa at the sea with excellent thalassotherapy (you have to book treatments in advance so I didn’t try everything). It was one of the” 4 opatijska cvijeta” hotels(4 Opatija’s flowers)
        I have to check recent offers and let you know
        Opatija is very civilized,with a lot of our best restaurants (I was yesterday in 2015 or 2016 Croatian’s best restaurant Pelegrini in Sibenik for a lunch and was really impressed ) nearby and you could visit,if you wish, some charming little towns in Istra,it is very close.
        My favourite thing there is Lungo Mare where you can walk for kilometres by the sea
        Yes, Opatija is one of my favourites out of season places 🙂
        I’ll do my research and let you know

  2. missfrankiecat

    I voted to remain but am looking forward to a holiday in Cornwall. Trains are the way to go – so much more eco friendly and less stressful (most of the time!) I like ships too. Susan, London

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Cornwall is beautiful – enjoy! It’s next on my list for home grown holidays. (We visited a few years ago and stayed in a most sumptuous period B&B with cooked breakfast every morning…😊)

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