Beauty regine

Just packed a wash bag for a weeks worth of holiday, and very grateful for all my little beauty samples.

Beauty routines on holiday
It is no secret that I like to keep my beauty routines simple, but effective. My personal style is travelling light. Only absolute essentials make it through a ruthless editing process. My sister packs everything and the kitchen sink, her beauty bag weighs more than her youngest child. I guess we all have our style…

The Travel Beauty Bag
My style is minimal and light, so you can imagine my delight, when the lovely people at byTerry gave me this little pink, travel wash bag, filled with skin care samples. I was in ecstasy! Generous Sample sizes: my favourite day cream, restorative night cream, lip balm,  even the serum, (which I don’t normally use)- just enough for a few days travel. I decanted some rose balm cleanser, a few cotton pads and some lavender essential oil. (I never go anywhere without lavender essential oil, helps with insomnia and is highly disinfectant – magic!) I skipped the specialist eye cream and the body moisturisers, I decided the hotel goodies will do just as well and will be fun to use.
Added my toothbrush-  and It all fits in nicely in the freebie washbag – hardly takes any room at all. Result!

Packing for a destination
Of course, what One packs beauty wise, very much depends on the destination. Hot climate or cold climate? Skiing holidays need heavy weight sunblock, SPF and hydrating après ski masques. Beach holidays need high SPF and protective hair masques. (Am I the only one whose hair frazzled in the sun & sea?) city holidays require a little bit more polish, and impeccable make up. Solid sticks and cushion compacts are good travel choices.
One can also buy those little, unbelievably cute, decanter containers, but truthfully, I just tend to pack the free samples I get given. Or buy a few mini sizes as needed.

What do you do with your travel beauty regime? Share the contents of your travel beauty bag… your secrets and tips…

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Secrets to eternal youth here.

Secrets to eternal youth here.

11 thoughts on “Low maintenance perfect grooming: Travel beauty regime

  1. Leslie

    I do what you do as far as using the lotion and makeup samples I get throughout the year for traveling – but I also make sure to pack any and all medications we might need so I don’t have to scramble when away from home – aspirin, Imodium, Neosporin, Bandaids….they end up weighing down my makeup bag than the cosmetics do. Have a great trip!

  2. couldashouldawoulda9

    i’m useless but i have a friend who only brings unrefined organic coconut oil – uses it to cleanse, moisturise, put in coffee, and brush teeth. I tried it but the texture got boring after awhile but I do like Terry and more importantly free samples! PS serum is key.

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Yes free samples get the thumps up! 👍SpaceNk are excellent with that, BUT I like this little travel set best. I did not know about the value of serum as don’t usually use one- low maintenanance me… What do you find it does best?

      1. couldashouldawoulda9

        It’s a booster and the only thing that separates the besuty regime of even cleopatra and her milk baths. It makes everything else work better and if anything is an insurance policy.

  3. dottoressa

    Save the samples (especially my favourite perfumes),buy small sizes,decant…..but,as Leslie said- I take medications,too,prescriptions and”just in case”…..
    As this time I travelled with the car to the coast,all the SPF from head to toe and after sun products weighted more than my clothes 🙂
    And than I really need at least three bathing suits….
    But,I plan to leave everything here and next time will travel light as a bird 🙂
    Your present by byTerry is perfect
    Have a beautiful holidays Lady Sarah!

      1. dottoressa

        Yes, I suppose so,in a farmacy,but it could happen that they’ve sold the size or product I’m using (Avene,La Roche Posay Anthelios,L’Erbolario) and they don’t have L’Occitane hair care (I have travel size) I use during summer. And they certainly don’t have dr Hauschka creams!
        It is a small place-I could always buy Nivea if in need,instead driving to the bigger city.
        But I want to have what I want from the start,even in small quantities. And for two or three weeks you really need a lot of things.
        Swimming is my main activity here and although I swim very early (8-9 am) and late (6-7 pm) and don’t lay at the beach at all (drinking coffee in the shade f.e.)- sun is very strong and you’ve got colour even with 50+ and need a lot of protection and after care
        I really don’t need a lot of clothes-beside the beachwear,during ten days stay, I wore white linen trousers with silk blouse and a dress (but I am at my place-having a washing machine- and this is not Dubrovnik or Hvar-I visit different restaurants and could wear the same outfit over and over again -when not traveling with car :-))
        When I travel for a couple of days,I am also low maintenance.

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