How to dress like a Londoner – the 5 top rules

Rule #1 don’t over co-ordinate. For example you can wear red shoes with an all navy outfit, but do not accessorisre with a matching red bag. Black, brown or blue is better. You may wear, an all black outfit and with pink sandals and matching pink toenails but adding a pink bag or a pink scarf would be a step too far. Write this rule down and memorise it- it’s a killer.

Rule #2 mix different seasons, new, second hand, designer and vintage. Hand me downs are fine, but no PRIMARK or sweat shop bargains. The secret to keep this look sane is to develop discernment. Basically, no matter where or when you bought your clothes from, you only buy, the perfect, consistent silhouette and colour palette. Only you can decide what this is. ( you can see mine in the real life fashion posts). As a little tip, start with simple, Prints are notoriously difficult to work like this, don’t even think about mixing prints if you don’t employ a stylist.

Rule #3 form follows function. Comfortable shoes (they don’t have to be frumpy! Check out Clarks, vagabond, flyLondon) natural fabrics and slim fitting, rather than skin tight shapes work well. Don’t wear cut off shorts/hot pants in the city of London. I see them sometimes and I cringe- this is not LA you know. Too much skin exposure is uncomfortable, but then again so is excessive coverage enforced by some religions.

#Rule #4 keep accessorising simple but interesting. A really good umbrella, unique jewellery, (mine are vintage pearls, what are yours?) I can see leopard print shoes in our future…

# rule # 5 for smart casual office wear add, one superbly crafted item. You can elevate jeans with an unstructured, well fitting jacket, a good leather bag, or some quality boots. Remember though adding all three can turn the look a little severe. Keep it care free.

© Ladysarahinlondon

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8 thoughts on “How to dress like a Londoner -the 5 top rules.

  1. dottoressa

    I’ve passed Summa cum laude :-)- both Zagreb and London in Five Rules!
    Thank you :-)-
    I am too old to match bags and shoes (and too lazy to change bags)
    I like some leopard print in small amounts- I know,I know,one’s not perfect!
    In store in Z. I asked for an Equipment shirt in leopard print- the sale person answered : “We didn’t know ….ahem….” and I’ve finished the sentence “…that ladies would like it to buy :-)”
    She blushed and confirmed.
    Did I find one? Yes,I did (and wear it with all black or all white):-). But not in London untill you approve it 🙂
    Have a nice Sunday

    1. dottoressa

      Oh,yes,Leslie thank you for reminder:
      Vintage pearls (my own),or
      Lake water pearls (from Ohrid, Macedonia),or
      Simple gold necklace,or
      My grandmother’s coral necklace during summer on white,navy or black (it goes perfect with brown too,but I wear this colour very rare)

  2. Leslie

    I think more people should heed these rules! My jewelry self-rule is nothing that’s not a real metal – no junky ‘statement’ necklaces that I see all over here (US) but that could turn your neck green.


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