So how can we prepare for a Brexit wardrobe?

Hopefully our preparation will be more thorough (ha!) than Boris Johnsons, who appeared to be totally stunned by the catastrophe he created. Our Great British Pound has taken a beating, so anything bought in US dollars will have to be reviewed ok? Pretty much everything we buy will be affected. Oil will go up in price and so will transport costs, raw material, ‘foreigh’ fashion & food.

Assuming we still have jobs to go to…

Somewhat of a  whammy may follow. Once, (and IF,) Britain comes out of the single market. (In order to stay in the single market, Britain has to accept the ‘four freedoms‘. Freedom of currency, freedom of services, freedom of goods and freedom of people. ‘Freedom of  movement of people’ is what some refer to as “immigration”. Britain will also have to pay for the privilege.) So if Britain does leave the single market: All those adorable French and European clothes will become significantly more expensive depending on the tariffs introduced. So will cosmetics – good bye beloved, myterry and french pharmacy brands. I was discussing this with someone at work, who said she’d “wished I’d told her before”. So do I, people so do I….

If you had dreams of a CHANEL bag, or a CELINE coat, these may need to be reviewed – and I certainly won’t be buying CARVEN or even majestic filatures, at those prices. Tears all round. Actually costs for all clothes, in any price range, will go up- so no winners there.

Hopefully Scotland will not leave and we can still buy our delightful Brora cashmere, (only somewhat more expensive remember cashmere is raw material and paid in $).

The weak pound will help our exports I am told. Here is the thing though. Brits design well, but most manufacturing is not done in the UK. We have very few factories, and those we do have, are mostly kept going by ‘those immigrants who come here to take our jobs’. So unless you have shares in Rolls Royce, not so good.


Tea anyone? Keep Calm & Carry On FT article on Brexit fashion.

Next Post: My top fashion tips on surviving the BREXIT. Just like our Boris, I haven’t quite written the policy yet, any suggestions welcome!

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9 thoughts on “How will brexit affect our wardrobe- fashion tips from lady Sarah #1

  1. Susan

    It is shocking that leaders promoted the Brexit and today are surprised at the result. Very short thinking. Also, what happened with the British press? Did the press attempt to outline the downside of Brexit? It is all after thought, but the questions remain. Is the system broken? Does this explain how Brexit happened in the first place? Or do we believe Brexit was fully understood making the outcome exactly what the majority of Brits wanted? I agree costs of goods will rise. US press says there will be a recession. Sounds like economic hard times.

  2. happyface313

    🙂 Dear Lady Sarah,
    you’ve summed up the unbelievable situation quite well.
    Wishing all of us the best of luck that it won’t turn into a catastrophe.

      1. happyface313

        🙂 Unbelievable.
        Even though we will have to re-elect, let’s keep our fingers crossed that voters here will have learned something from what has happened in the UK!!! So there might be good to the bad. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. xo

  3. Archana Paladugu

    I know it triggered a buying frenzy for heritage British brands like Alden’s and Burberry trenches. But we were warned that these goods will get expensive in the future.

  4. dottoressa

    Dear Lady Sarah,
    You wrote your analyses better than most of the politicians and journalist.
    Here are some thoughts “from the other side”,IF your predictions become truth:
    – I have bought GBP in my bank when it was at its peak last year (because I needed to pay some things),so I’ve lost (and my next visit would be as expensive as ever,if not more)
    – we could hardly buy British clothes and other things online any more,if they would not build an european site to sell,because we would have to pay more than 50 %of taxes for imported goods ( same as with American things,I have bought an special Equipment shirt,the model I couldn’t find through european online stores, and payed half the price more than it was its price-it is simply to expensive! And I didn’t get tax free return-it was through Shopbop)
    We have a lot of English turists-and they are among the best-,with a weak GBP,who knows?
    Good thing is that you’ve got more turists in GB who would buy english goods (and get tax free return)
    I doubt that Burberry prices would go down here,no matter what
    I wish you all the best!

    1. lady sarah in london Post author

      Thank you so much – it’s great to have your views. Burberry is very popular abroad, not that many Brits actually buy it and is certainly not a wardrobe staple. I own nothing from the brand, my husband has a raincoat I think and my sister a bag. None of it is made in England as far as I know…


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